Shamrock 8k

Every year I look forward to St. Patrick’s Day weekend here in Virginia Beach. Shamrock 8k Time!!! Running the 8k and breakfast at Mary’s has been a tradition of my dad and I for years.

The past few years my high school cousin has gotten in on the action running the 8k. I’m so proud of her for taking on the challenge as well 🙂

This past Saturday over 7,600 runners filled into their corals and readied themselves for the start of the 38th Towne Bank 8k. The weather was mild. Shorts and t-shirt were appropriate attire for the 5 mile run. I settled in coral 2 with my friend Jen. Sunglasses on, playlist ready, Nike ap on! We were both ready to go! We took off quickly weaving our way through the crowd. We weren’t planning on running together but kept the same pace for about the 1st mile before separating from each other. Our first mile pace was steady at about 8:20. I slowed and continued on at about a 9:30 mile throughout the remainder of the race. The race went quick. A flat and familiar course I have run so may times before. As I hit the boardwalk on my way back, my playlist kicked into Luke Bryan and his new single, Suntan City. After hearing the lyric of “Sittin pretty in Suntan City, got the best view in the world” I was reminded of Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms gal before the race. “The greatest city in the world” he said. And at this moment, I couldn’t agree more. I was in my favorite place in the world, physically and metaphorically. Boardwalk, sun, beer tent, family and my dearest friends!!! Yes!!!!! Feeling great I crossed the finish line at 45:52. My goal was under 50 so I was thrilled.



Next it was off to the beer tent to snap some pics and drink some Yuengling!


Beer cup rainbow?


Beer cup pyramid?


No ice? Use a cold beer instead 🙂




8k finishers w J&A 2:00 1/2 marathon pacer Tony



Ready for the final mile!!!



Now time for a night out!!!

We headed back on Sunday to cheer on the 1/2 and Marathon runners!!! Great job to all finishers!!! Great job race course volunteers!!! It was inspiring to be there for the last marathon finisher as they came in! No matter how slow…they finished 26.2 miles by foot!!! Wa


2:00 1/2 marathon pacers after race!!!

Cutest Marathon Fan Ever!


Marathon Runner, Prissie, and her fans


Cheers to resting and training for next year



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