The Only Thing Running Is My Nose

This Runner Girl is down for the count. I can’t even remember the last time I felt this exhausted. The only thing running in this house is my poor nose. Believe it or not the thought of bouncing up and down pounding the pavement sounds horrible. Instead it was a weekend filled with spicy food, Pinterest, the Stella & Dot website, movies and plenty of hot tea. I’ve never been a fan of medicine so I thought I would try to relieve some cold symptoms with some things I had in the house .

After Googling home remedies for cold and flu I stumbled on a few things to boost up my tea.

Apple Cider vinegar is a disinfectant, eases digestion and washes away toxins. I used the agave to sweeten the tea just slightly.

Lemons are obviously a great source of Vitamin C. They are also antiviral, immune boosting and aid in weigh loss. I figure due to my sedentary activity, the weightless benefit was a win!

I made a huge pot of my Jacked Up Tea and sipped it all day.

If nothing else, it tasted good, felt cozy and was warm while I settled in for a movie day. I got lucky with Remember the Titans and The Blindside on tv Saturday Night.

When you feel lousy, what are your go to at home remedies?

Happy Healing


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