Bikini Ready?

Even us “fit” girls do things to pump up the fitness as it gets closer to bikini season. Here are some of the things I’ve done recently to step it up a notch.

I did a pantry and refrigerator clean out. Toss out the items that may be tempting for you to munch on. If it is not in my house, I won’t eat it. Trade empty calorie snacks for the good seasonal items in your local produce section. Melons, citrus, berries, etc.

As the weather warms up, stock up on lean meats, seafood and veggies. Easy dinner to throw them all on the grill.

Sign up for a local 5k. Run the course once a week to train.

Keep naturally flavored water in the fridge instead of soda or juice. Slice lemons, fresh herbs, or fruit and drop a few pieces into a pitcher of water. Easy go to sipper.

Create a Pinterest Board for motivation. Mine is titled Bikini Ready. A close friend and I both can access this board to help keep us motivated. We pin recipes, quotes, and exercise tips that we think each other would enjoy.

Keep your eye on the prize! A new bikini, sundress, a vacation!!!

Are you ready?

What are your tips to boost up your exercise or diet?






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