Tidal Wheel Part 1

Last week I was finally able to get in and take my first class at Tidal Wheel, the new spin studio in Virginia Beach. I had been dying to get in there and now that Shamrock training was over, I have the time. I reserved one of the evening classes first thing Tuesday morning online, super easy. It was a good thing I did that, because before lunch the class was full with reservations. When booking your class online, there was even the option to reserve a specific bike. Next time I will be doing that. The spot I randomly reserved was right in the front next to the instructor.

Incase there was any doubt, I quickly learned Tidal Wheel is no joke! Before class, people were chatting about attending Tidal Wheel everyday and how much they loved it. I had heard great reviews about this particular instructor, Mike, as well. I found out after the class, that he may be the toughest instructor on staff!!!

At Tidal Wheel, you wear spin shoes that snap into the bike. So once you’re in, YOU ARE IN!!! No escape!!! There is even a sign on the wall “No leaving early, No cheating”. Either one seemed impossible.

The rider to my right was kind enough to help me adjust my bike and help me get snapped in. I grabbed a water for the front desk and there was a towel already on the bike, both of which I used the entire class. Once the class began the lights went down and we were spinning by low candlelight! Awesome!!!! The spinning began with loud music fromEve blasting from the speakers!!! Loved it. I was instantly reminded that this was another level of fitness I was not use to and I that this class would be a challenge.

My good friend was in the same class on a bike across from me. We kept making eye contact at each other during the class, especially during the tough parts. For example at the climbs or when the instructor repeatedly decided to adjust some of our bikes for more tension (not good for sitting in the front) Ahhhh!!! I kept telling myself that my butt would be thankful.

The class went on quickly and I was soaked. I love a workout like that. The music ranged from Busta Rhymes to Salt N Pepper to The Donnas with their single “Take It Off.” This song was appropriate as I was thinking about taking off those last few lbs! This class definitely helped with that.

The class ended with a nice stretch session. I was tired enough. Satisfied, fulfilled, and pleased with the workout. Tough enough to be tired, but also left me wanting to come back for more.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to get your rear into Tidal Wheel and get your spin on. This is a great way to step up your game as summer approaches. If you’ve hit the plateau, add this into the mix. I hope to make this a weekly routine for the next month, even Mike’s class! Prepare to sweat and burn nonstop during your class. Stay tuned for my next Tidal Wheel experience.

Spin On




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