Timberlake Tuesday

This week I can’t stop shuffling the new Justin Timberlake album, The 20/20 Experience. To be specific, it’s back and forth between Let the Grove Get In and Mirrors. The first with a Latin flare. This song would be great for a sprint or spin workout. The second of the two tracks has great words and the beat to follow. This track pumps a bit of soul. This song would be a great addition to a longer run.


Photo courtesy of justjared.com

Bringing JT back

Sip and Flip

What is a Sip and Flip you ask? It’s a great time with great friends.

This past weekend my dear friend hosted one of these Sip and Flip events at her house. Ten friends bring ten items of glam to share, trade, or swap. The glam items can include that awesome top hanging in your closet that you just never wear. It could be a set of fabulous bangles, an awesome evening clutch, jeans, or even shoes. All the items can be used, just not ruined. Good condition items only 👍

Have guests drop off their goods and a bottle of their favorite cocktail the day before the event. Then simply set your house up like an upscale boutique. A couple of clothing racks will do the trick. Turn your guest bedroom into a dressing room. Lay out the fully stocked bar and let the “shopping” begin.

To make things a bit more fun and interesting, have each guest draw a number out of a hat. After each guest has picked their ten items from your boutique, use the numbers as a pink elephant to trade those must have pieces.

You can even play an impromptu game of “who wore it better?”

Fun times will be had by all!

At the end of the night pack up all the leftover clothes and donate to your local women’s shelter! An awesome NO cost shopping event. And you also get to give back!

I hope to host one of these events soon. It was a blast 👠👢👗👓

Happy Sipping and Flipping









Push Through

As I drink my coffee and watch the TODAY show this Sunday morning, I am inspired by quotes from Boston Red Sox hitter Big Papi and Team Hoyt founder Dick Hoyt.

Father and son duo Rick and Dick Hoyt, including this year, have run in 31 Boston marathons. This would have been their last Boston Marathon. In light of the tragedy they have already set their sites on Boston 2014. “We all will be that much stronger,” said father Dick. His message was to be strong and stay strong.

I reflect this morning on my Boston Memorial run from yesterday. Thank you Kirk Kellerhals and team for spreading the word of this run via Facebook. At 2:50 Saturday afternoon I estimate over 200 runners were at the boardwalk eagerly waiting to run the 4.09 miles.

The support for Boston was evident.



After a moment of silence, prayer, and song we readied ourselves to begin.

As I made my way down the boardwalk as I have done hundreds of times before, I began to feel the emotion stir up inside me. Spectators and passers by cheered us on. They cheered for us as runners. They cheered for America. They cheered for Boston. And they cheered for victims Martin, Lu, Krystle, and Officer Collier. As I hit the turn around mark I was greeted with a high five. I made my under the America Flag tent held by several runners.


At this moment I felt the tears start to creep up. I was urged to pick up speed. Not in a desire to race, but being grateful that I can run and WILL run.

I started thinking about these cowardly men who plotted against two of the toughest groups of people on Earth. First Americans and second runners. The mentally tough and the physically fit and ready for a challenge. As I ran towards the 4.09 mark, people lined up to cheer and celebrate our accomplishment. Just as Watertown did when the coward was escorted out of their town. No one cheers for cowards. No one claps for them. No one assists them with water, and posters, and awards. Runners receive all of those things. Runners and especially marathoners are really the ones who know how to fight. Fight through the pain and push through to the end. Just as we as a country and a community will push through to seek justice.

After completing the run I immediately noticed a gentleman wearing the 2013 Boston race shirt. He also was wearing his race medal. I struck up conversation with him and he so kindly offered to let me wear the medal. As honored as I was by his offer, I declined since I did not earn it. I did capture this picture.

A wonderful way to remember and inspire.

Push Through


Lululemon Pace Setter Skirt

Who said no skirts? The lululemon pacesetter skirt has been a fantastic edition to my running wardrobe.

Sporting the Skirt at a Corporate Kickball Game

Rocking it at a boardwalk race

5k race with ruffles!

Even though I made fun of skirts in sports…as soon as I tried it on in the Lulu showroom, I was sold. This is the most versatile piece of workout wear you will own. You will be comfortable for those long distance runs or for races that last all day with a fabulous after party. Oh…and it’s cute 😉

Skirt in White

Lululemon is pricey but worth every penny. Splurge or start saving, but definitely add this into your workout wardrobe!

Happy Skirting


Boston Marathon

I wake to tears and news updates on the Boston Marathon explosions.

Instead of my regular Tuesday Tune selection, I am silent today to remember Boston. I will be running a unity run this afternoon with honor. (Run Junkess Unity Run)

So hard to imagine as I watch the news footage. Cowardly would be the word to use, attacking people when they are already weak. Targeting a crowd at one of America’s and the World’s most coveted events.

26 miles by foot is a fantastic accomplishment. One only
the mentally tough could handle.

I can’t even imagine who or why someone would do this. It is beyond senseless to me.



Monument Ave

My dad’s college track buddy, Dr. Steve Gardner, used to say “If you don’t throw up at the end of a race, then you didn’t run fast enough.” Well, on Saturday I thought that would be my fate, right there on the side of Monument Avenue. I wish I could say it was due to pushing myself to the limit. Unfortunately, this was one of the worst races I’ve had in quite a while. I managed to finish under an hour for the Monument Avenue 10k, but I felt horrible the entire time. I’m not sure what caused it. I was down with the flu the week before and can only attribute that I am still not back to 100%.

I was so exited to run this race. It had been on the list for several years. And this year I managed to have the time for a quick trip to Richmond. Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, 40,000 runners and some of my dear friends. The cobblestone streets and monuments made for a beautiful course. I hit the 5k mark at 27:00, which put me on pace for a 54:00 minute 10k. Coral H, with 750 other runners, is where I started and was the 54:00 minute group.


As I rounded Monument on the way back, something awful happened. I felt so sick I had to stop and walk !!! This never happens to me. I have been running this mileage or more for a while. I was so disappointed. My legs felt fine, but I was plagued with reflux. Thank goodness for a Luke Bryan song coming through my playlist, he managed to help me get to mile 4.5. Then again, with about 12 minutes to go, I had to stop again. Thank you to the mystery man who ran by me and encouraged me to keep going. Even though I felt like yacking, you lit a fire under me enough to push through the finish line.

After finishing somewhere between 57-59 minutes with tears in my eyes, I moved into the park to find my friends. After a few group photos and bottles of later, I knew I would have to come back and run again next year. The course was beautiful and had tons of great energy. Unlike J&A races, there were no medals, swag, or beer at the end 😦 But overall a good race.

To quote another Steve, StevenTylerYou got to lose to know how to win.” And it seems like that pretty much sums up my run.

Push on

Pre race photo

Post race photo

Elite Runners Start

Pre race stretch and warmup

Expo Fun

Bevello Show

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in the Bevello Spring Fashion Show. It was such a blast. From the hair, to the makeup, to the outfits, and music…it was an awesome night!

If you need any outfits for the summer, weddings, or travel I highly recommend dropping into Bevello at Town Center! The girls that work there are fantastic stylists! The inventory is always updating 🙂 Tell them The Fit Petite sent ya 🙂









Special Thanks to Sumatra, Soho Lashes, Devon Shanor Photography, and of course Bevello!!!

Style On

Check out the surprise finale on YouTube here!



Would you rather…gut or butt?


Calling on input from guys and gals.

A couple weeks ago while having lunch with the girls we began a debate that I think has gone on for years.

Is it better to have a big booty or big belly? And better by who’s standards?

Let me explain. Most women carry their weight in one place or the other. It seems no matter what we may do, diet, run, starve…..we aren’t able to do but so much about our genetic predisposition.

I carry most of my lbs below the belt. Squats, lunches, miles on the boardwalk helps… but no matter what the booty is still in effect. To combat or in hopes of offsetting the rear, I spend a decent amount of time working out my core and eat an ab friendly diet. I have learned to work with what I have.

How about you? I’m curious as to what people think out there. Please comment and share your view of how you carry weight and what you’d rather.


Spring Trends I’m Loving Right Now

It’s the time of year to start revealing more skin! Wardrobes and beauty routines may need a slight makeover or Spring update.

Here are a few things I can’t seem to get enough of right now.


A bright coral necklace like this one from the Spring/Summer Stella & Dot collection is the perfect statement piece for the season. Dress up any outfit from a t-shirt to your business suit. (View the Palamino Necklace)
A great compliment to tan skin is a coral lip color. Try out the PIXI Lip Blush in Energy, available at Target.


A new metallic bag carry all to take you from day to night. I’ve been carrying this around everyday to and from the office with iPad, wallet, sunglasses, and newspaper. (View the La Totale Medium in Metallic Ikat)
Metallic wedges good for work or play as well. I’ve worn them twice this week already. Available at Payless.

Faux/Glow Skin

It’s not quite time to be laying out soaking up the rays. So until you are able to bust out the bikini, get a faux tan with this amazing product by Sally Hansen. Great to easily apply when you want to wear a skirt or dress last minute!
I came across this product on a Walmart run. Olay has this nifty facial scrubber. Great to exfoliate all the dead, bad, winter skin. Get your glow on!

What are your favorite seasonal picks?

Get your Spring On