KaZAM Bikes

Earlier this week I wrote about trying out a spin class. As an adult, the idea of riding a bike may seem pretty routine. But for a child, you may have the same anxiety or fear that a high intensity spin class can bring you as an adult.

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? When you think back, do you picture yourself in tears, getting frustrated, and possibly throwing down the bike and not wanting to try again.
Have you had to teach your own child how to ride a bike? Was the situation similar? Was it successful?

How would you feel if you could have this experience with little to no tears and frustration (for you and your child)? Would you believe it is possible for your child to master the skill quickly and enjoy the process?

Well in fact there is such a product to help. The KaZAM Bike, developed by 2 of our very own Virginia Beach residents and moms. Creators of the KaZAM Bike Mary Beth Lugo and Elizabeth Wagner, developed this product in hopes of making it enjoyable for a child to learn how to ride a bike.

The KaZAM Bike is the only balance bike on the market with a foot rest. From the KaZAM website, “balance first, pedal next approach to learning to ride a pedaled bicycle.” Watch the training video here.

Mary Beth and Elizabeth have a strong conviction in their “child lead process.” They stressed the importance and benefit of learning this without training wheels. It is more natural for the child. With the KaZAM bike, the child is able to learn at his or her own pace. The child catches on much quicker and is able to build confidence by mastering this new skill.

Once your child has mastered the KaZAM, you can begin bike riding as a family and get your fitness on! In a town with a wonderful boardwalk and trails, you won’t want to waste anytime. Get your child the KaZAM and start riding as a family today!

After teaching kindergarten for several years, I know that it can be challenging for a child to learn a knew skill, especially one that is so dependent on their physical coordination. Don’t just take my word for it. KaZAM Bikes have won several awards. They have been featured in Parents Magazine, as well as being seen on the TODAY Show. They were voted to The Summer’s Hottest Toy list in 2011. They are the recipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award in 2009 and 2010.

Check out their website today for a full selection of KaZAM bikes. With a $100 price point, it is much more practical to have a bike for the generations rather than sets of training wheels you end up trashing with the tears 😪🚲

Ride On



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