Would you rather…gut or butt?


Calling on input from guys and gals.

A couple weeks ago while having lunch with the girls we began a debate that I think has gone on for years.

Is it better to have a big booty or big belly? And better by who’s standards?

Let me explain. Most women carry their weight in one place or the other. It seems no matter what we may do, diet, run, starve…..we aren’t able to do but so much about our genetic predisposition.

I carry most of my lbs below the belt. Squats, lunches, miles on the boardwalk helps… but no matter what the booty is still in effect. To combat or in hopes of offsetting the rear, I spend a decent amount of time working out my core and eat an ab friendly diet. I have learned to work with what I have.

How about you? I’m curious as to what people think out there. Please comment and share your view of how you carry weight and what you’d rather.



One thought on “Would you rather…gut or butt?


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