Monument Ave

My dad’s college track buddy, Dr. Steve Gardner, used to say “If you don’t throw up at the end of a race, then you didn’t run fast enough.” Well, on Saturday I thought that would be my fate, right there on the side of Monument Avenue. I wish I could say it was due to pushing myself to the limit. Unfortunately, this was one of the worst races I’ve had in quite a while. I managed to finish under an hour for the Monument Avenue 10k, but I felt horrible the entire time. I’m not sure what caused it. I was down with the flu the week before and can only attribute that I am still not back to 100%.

I was so exited to run this race. It had been on the list for several years. And this year I managed to have the time for a quick trip to Richmond. Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, 40,000 runners and some of my dear friends. The cobblestone streets and monuments made for a beautiful course. I hit the 5k mark at 27:00, which put me on pace for a 54:00 minute 10k. Coral H, with 750 other runners, is where I started and was the 54:00 minute group.


As I rounded Monument on the way back, something awful happened. I felt so sick I had to stop and walk !!! This never happens to me. I have been running this mileage or more for a while. I was so disappointed. My legs felt fine, but I was plagued with reflux. Thank goodness for a Luke Bryan song coming through my playlist, he managed to help me get to mile 4.5. Then again, with about 12 minutes to go, I had to stop again. Thank you to the mystery man who ran by me and encouraged me to keep going. Even though I felt like yacking, you lit a fire under me enough to push through the finish line.

After finishing somewhere between 57-59 minutes with tears in my eyes, I moved into the park to find my friends. After a few group photos and bottles of later, I knew I would have to come back and run again next year. The course was beautiful and had tons of great energy. Unlike J&A races, there were no medals, swag, or beer at the end 😦 But overall a good race.

To quote another Steve, StevenTylerYou got to lose to know how to win.” And it seems like that pretty much sums up my run.

Push on

Pre race photo

Post race photo

Elite Runners Start

Pre race stretch and warmup

Expo Fun


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