Push Through

As I drink my coffee and watch the TODAY show this Sunday morning, I am inspired by quotes from Boston Red Sox hitter Big Papi and Team Hoyt founder Dick Hoyt.

Father and son duo Rick and Dick Hoyt, including this year, have run in 31 Boston marathons. This would have been their last Boston Marathon. In light of the tragedy they have already set their sites on Boston 2014. “We all will be that much stronger,” said father Dick. His message was to be strong and stay strong.

I reflect this morning on my Boston Memorial run from yesterday. Thank you Kirk Kellerhals and team for spreading the word of this run via Facebook. At 2:50 Saturday afternoon I estimate over 200 runners were at the boardwalk eagerly waiting to run the 4.09 miles.

The support for Boston was evident.



After a moment of silence, prayer, and song we readied ourselves to begin.

As I made my way down the boardwalk as I have done hundreds of times before, I began to feel the emotion stir up inside me. Spectators and passers by cheered us on. They cheered for us as runners. They cheered for America. They cheered for Boston. And they cheered for victims Martin, Lu, Krystle, and Officer Collier. As I hit the turn around mark I was greeted with a high five. I made my under the America Flag tent held by several runners.


At this moment I felt the tears start to creep up. I was urged to pick up speed. Not in a desire to race, but being grateful that I can run and WILL run.

I started thinking about these cowardly men who plotted against two of the toughest groups of people on Earth. First Americans and second runners. The mentally tough and the physically fit and ready for a challenge. As I ran towards the 4.09 mark, people lined up to cheer and celebrate our accomplishment. Just as Watertown did when the coward was escorted out of their town. No one cheers for cowards. No one claps for them. No one assists them with water, and posters, and awards. Runners receive all of those things. Runners and especially marathoners are really the ones who know how to fight. Fight through the pain and push through to the end. Just as we as a country and a community will push through to seek justice.

After completing the run I immediately noticed a gentleman wearing the 2013 Boston race shirt. He also was wearing his race medal. I struck up conversation with him and he so kindly offered to let me wear the medal. As honored as I was by his offer, I declined since I did not earn it. I did capture this picture.

A wonderful way to remember and inspire.

Push Through


2 thoughts on “Push Through

  1. Awesome …..your experience yesterday & the words that describe it. Wish I could have been there, but felt like I was, reading your blog. Makes me proud in several ways! Love you, Dad


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