Sip and Flip

What is a Sip and Flip you ask? It’s a great time with great friends.

This past weekend my dear friend hosted one of these Sip and Flip events at her house. Ten friends bring ten items of glam to share, trade, or swap. The glam items can include that awesome top hanging in your closet that you just never wear. It could be a set of fabulous bangles, an awesome evening clutch, jeans, or even shoes. All the items can be used, just not ruined. Good condition items only 👍

Have guests drop off their goods and a bottle of their favorite cocktail the day before the event. Then simply set your house up like an upscale boutique. A couple of clothing racks will do the trick. Turn your guest bedroom into a dressing room. Lay out the fully stocked bar and let the “shopping” begin.

To make things a bit more fun and interesting, have each guest draw a number out of a hat. After each guest has picked their ten items from your boutique, use the numbers as a pink elephant to trade those must have pieces.

You can even play an impromptu game of “who wore it better?”

Fun times will be had by all!

At the end of the night pack up all the leftover clothes and donate to your local women’s shelter! An awesome NO cost shopping event. And you also get to give back!

I hope to host one of these events soon. It was a blast 👠👢👗👓

Happy Sipping and Flipping










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