Lululemon Energy Bra

September 1 will be here before I know it. I spent the past week researching training supplies and products. Today I acquired probably the most important item in the list. The sports bra!!!! Girls, you know what I mean. This thing has to be able to go the distance…lol. It has to withstand 13.1 miles, heat, sweat, and straight abuse. So I decided to start my search for the best bra and my favorite workout apparel spot…Lululemon.

After visiting with the store manager for a few minutes, I told her what I was looking for. She immediately pointed me to the rack of Sports Bras. I browsed around for a few minutes. There were several color options: neons, white, black, patterned. There were also several strap options to chose from, thick, criss-crossed, snap back, and skinny. Flashing back to last year’s Rock n Roll 1/2 , I remember I immediately tossed my shirt due to the heat and humidity. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to look for something that could stand up to running 2+ hours with a sports bra only. Support would be key!!! No cleavage views here.

I headed to the fitting room carrying 2 color options of the Energy Bra. As I entered the fitting room, the manager approved of my chose and knew I would love it. She was absolutely correct. The size was perfect. A size 4 was the perfect fit for this Runner Girl. Comfortable, sturdy straps, and cute!!! I settled on the tan and white version. Light colors for the summer sun.

Mission Complete!!! Go see the gals at Lulu and tell them The Fit Petite sent you!






Kick Off Summer, Beach Body Ready?!?!

toneit rideon summertime-beach-fun


Well, Memorial Day Weekend is here and  this is the time when we bust out our boats, bikes, and bikinis and take over the beach and boardwalk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront . After weeks of clouds and rain, I think I am more ready for this weekend than ever before.

As the summer gets hot and the temperature climbs up, our clothes and layers come off.  It’s time to show off that skin you spent all winter preparing for …The countless spin classes, WODs, and runs should be paying off right?

No mater if you feel ready for the “less is more” theory in terms of a summer wardrobe, be confident in your figure! Forget the last few lbs you may have “failed” to loose. Focus on the fact that you are active and healthy and HAPPY!!!! A confident women carrying some curves is way more attractive than a stickly gal with a complex. So work those curves, embrace the summer and when all else fails…if you can’t Tone it, TAN it!!!!

See ya on the beach




Tuesday Tune, The Great Gatsby, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

This Tuesday I post this song pick to you on the cusp of a new adventure.

I began reading The Great Gatsby last night. It was obvious to me I could have thrived just fine in this era on the brim of all things wonderful and luxurious. Always striving for the best. And that is exactly how I plan to spend my summer.

As the summer always proves to be a hot time for movies, we start the season off with The Great Gatsby and a hot soundtrack to match. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody hits hard with the sound of Fergie, Q-Tip, and GoonRock.

The first lyric out of Fergie’s mouth starts with “I ain’t got time for you baby…either you’re mine or you’re not” This may be the soundtrack of MY summer. I am moving forward with things that are right, and leaving the rest in the dust. No time for anything else. Especially not for me as this summer just took a serious shove into Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon training. The title of this song suits the summer as well. Make sure to make time for a little fun, a little crazy, and of course a little party!!!

Enjoy the Party



This Tuesday Get Lucky with Daft Punk

The Tuesday Tune this week comes from Daft Punk. Daft Punk is a digital duo out of France. They are known for their unique electronic sound. Admittedly, this type of sound is not one I typically turn to. Get Lucky has been found all over my radio and Pandora stations. Just like the song from last week, Get Lucky also features VB native Pharrell Williams. Some say this track has a disco feel. I am loving Get Lucky because the lyrics remind me of good times and crazy nights. Perfect upbeat song for the playlist.

Get Daft Punk


Tidal Tone

Monday I kicked off my weekly workout with a visit to Tidal Wheel. I figured this would be a great way to reset the body and tackle the week.

After a weekend that started with a Friday night filled with Waterman’s cocktails and dinner at Il Giardinos (so worth it) followed by no exercise whatsoever, I needed to start this week off right.

Tidal Tone with Eric was a hit! Great music, great instruction, and a great pace. He started the class with a couple of tips and a welcome. This was crucial as there were so many first time riders in attendance.

The Tidal Tone class featured more than just riding. The resistance bands, free weights, and strategic exercises throughout the class focused on a total body workout. LOVED IT!

The playlist was jamming! Some songs about love, some about lose, and some about going forward and all songs were fast!!!

With the weather less than desirable for running, this was a wonderful substitute.


Get Your Spin On

Promote Virginia Beach

In light of recent events in Virginia Beach, I feel inclined to take a bit of a stand here. I attended the Virginia Beach Town Hall meeting on Wednesday May 1. The majority of the discussion was based on social media and how it was used to spread the word of a beach party weekend here in Virginia Beach to a less than stellar crowd. If social media can have such an impact of attracting this undesirable crowd and promoting this disastrous event, lets use it in our favor.

I challenge all of you who live, work, or just love Virginia Beach to start promoting the city with your own means. Use your Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails! We as citizens can eliminate the cloud over this city by an isolated incident and put focus on what a great place Virginia Beach is most of the time.

While I do feel more can be done to control crowds and disorderly behavior, my responsibility as a citizen is to promote and help attract a more respectful group of tourists.