Promote Virginia Beach

In light of recent events in Virginia Beach, I feel inclined to take a bit of a stand here. I attended the Virginia Beach Town Hall meeting on Wednesday May 1. The majority of the discussion was based on social media and how it was used to spread the word of a beach party weekend here in Virginia Beach to a less than stellar crowd. If social media can have such an impact of attracting this undesirable crowd and promoting this disastrous event, lets use it in our favor.

I challenge all of you who live, work, or just love Virginia Beach to start promoting the city with your own means. Use your Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails! We as citizens can eliminate the cloud over this city by an isolated incident and put focus on what a great place Virginia Beach is most of the time.

While I do feel more can be done to control crowds and disorderly behavior, my responsibility as a citizen is to promote and help attract a more respectful group of tourists.









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