Tidal Tone

Monday I kicked off my weekly workout with a visit to Tidal Wheel. I figured this would be a great way to reset the body and tackle the week.

After a weekend that started with a Friday night filled with Waterman’s cocktails and dinner at Il Giardinos (so worth it) followed by no exercise whatsoever, I needed to start this week off right.

Tidal Tone with Eric was a hit! Great music, great instruction, and a great pace. He started the class with a couple of tips and a welcome. This was crucial as there were so many first time riders in attendance.

The Tidal Tone class featured more than just riding. The resistance bands, free weights, and strategic exercises throughout the class focused on a total body workout. LOVED IT!

The playlist was jamming! Some songs about love, some about lose, and some about going forward and all songs were fast!!!

With the weather less than desirable for running, this was a wonderful substitute.


Get Your Spin On


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