Tuesday Tune, The Great Gatsby, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

This Tuesday I post this song pick to you on the cusp of a new adventure.

I began reading The Great Gatsby last night. It was obvious to me I could have thrived just fine in this era on the brim of all things wonderful and luxurious. Always striving for the best. And that is exactly how I plan to spend my summer.

As the summer always proves to be a hot time for movies, we start the season off with The Great Gatsby and a hot soundtrack to match. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody hits hard with the sound of Fergie, Q-Tip, and GoonRock.

The first lyric out of Fergie’s mouth starts with “I ain’t got time for you baby…either you’re mine or you’re not” This may be the soundtrack of MY summer. I am moving forward with things that are right, and leaving the rest in the dust. No time for anything else. Especially not for me as this summer just took a serious shove into Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon training. The title of this song suits the summer as well. Make sure to make time for a little fun, a little crazy, and of course a little party!!!

Enjoy the Party





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