Kick Off Summer, Beach Body Ready?!?!

toneit rideon summertime-beach-fun


Well, Memorial Day Weekend is here and  this is the time when we bust out our boats, bikes, and bikinis and take over the beach and boardwalk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront . After weeks of clouds and rain, I think I am more ready for this weekend than ever before.

As the summer gets hot and the temperature climbs up, our clothes and layers come off.  It’s time to show off that skin you spent all winter preparing for …The countless spin classes, WODs, and runs should be paying off right?

No mater if you feel ready for the “less is more” theory in terms of a summer wardrobe, be confident in your figure! Forget the last few lbs you may have “failed” to loose. Focus on the fact that you are active and healthy and HAPPY!!!! A confident women carrying some curves is way more attractive than a stickly gal with a complex. So work those curves, embrace the summer and when all else fails…if you can’t Tone it, TAN it!!!!

See ya on the beach





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