Lululemon Energy Bra

September 1 will be here before I know it. I spent the past week researching training supplies and products. Today I acquired probably the most important item in the list. The sports bra!!!! Girls, you know what I mean. This thing has to be able to go the distance…lol. It has to withstand 13.1 miles, heat, sweat, and straight abuse. So I decided to start my search for the best bra and my favorite workout apparel spot…Lululemon.

After visiting with the store manager for a few minutes, I told her what I was looking for. She immediately pointed me to the rack of Sports Bras. I browsed around for a few minutes. There were several color options: neons, white, black, patterned. There were also several strap options to chose from, thick, criss-crossed, snap back, and skinny. Flashing back to last year’s Rock n Roll 1/2 , I remember I immediately tossed my shirt due to the heat and humidity. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to look for something that could stand up to running 2+ hours with a sports bra only. Support would be key!!! No cleavage views here.

I headed to the fitting room carrying 2 color options of the Energy Bra. As I entered the fitting room, the manager approved of my chose and knew I would love it. She was absolutely correct. The size was perfect. A size 4 was the perfect fit for this Runner Girl. Comfortable, sturdy straps, and cute!!! I settled on the tan and white version. Light colors for the summer sun.

Mission Complete!!! Go see the gals at Lulu and tell them The Fit Petite sent you!






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