Why I Became A Solemate


I grew up in a home that fostered a love for physical activity. I remember my Dad getting up early every morning to run and exercise before he went to work. He was a high-school and collegiate track and football athlete and still runs regularly to this day. When I was a little girl I remember taking trips with my Dad to visit his college track buddies. We would visit his college and even have races between the kids and the parents on the very track he ran on. His group of teammates are still close today. The competition and camaraderie they share has always stood out in my mind.

When I was old enough, I started running in the mornings with my dad. I believe my love for running is somewhat genetic. I also think that by watching my Dad run over the years, it was ingrained somehow in me to think that this is how I was supposed to start my day.

In middle school I joined the track team. I developed my own sense of camaraderie from the other teammates throughout the years. The memories of running track are among the best memories I have of my youth. The relationships I made were unforgettable.

This love of running I have has empowered me over the years. It has brought me through some tough times and has also provided me with some amazing opportunities. The confidence and feeling of accomplishment I have attained from the sport has proven to be an essential part of my life.

I have a hope for all young girls to find faith, confidence, and belief in themselves.  I want these young girls to believe they can tackle any goals. By running and forming a bond with others this can be possible for them.



By fundraising for Girls on the Run, I hope to help these young girls have the same opportunity. Donate to my page here.

Find Your Soulmate


Tuesday Track

Halfway into my long run on Saturday morning, I was pleasantly surprised by this track.

photo copy 5

The lyrics to Gone, Gone, Gone  are sweet and charming. This is the love song all of us are hoping someone will sing to us one day. It is the type of song that fills you with that mixed emotion of hope and romance.

Here is one of my favorite rifs.

“And I would do it for you, for you.
Baby, I’m not moving on
I love you long after you’re gone.
For you, for you.
You would never sleep alone.
I love you long after you’re gone
And long after you’re gone, gone, gone.”

Phillip Phillips is known to have a more mellow type of sound. This song was inspiring and actually motivated me to pick up my feet and my pace. The last 4 miles moved along a lot quicker. Especially the beat on this part.

“Like a drum, baby, don’t stop beating.
Like a drum, baby, don’t stop beating.
Like a drum, baby, don’t stop beating.
Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you.”

photo copy 6

Get going, going GONE


Different Gear for Different Workouts: Lulu Power Y Tank

It is Sunday morning and today in this house, it happens to be laundry day. I have a busy work and exercise schedule coming in the week ahead. A new gym review begins early Monday morning at 5:30am. So it will be important I have the right gear ready to go.

Running tops, Pilates top, shorts, crops, sports bras, socks!

Each exercise requires something completely different from my body, which in turns has me requiring different things from my attire. For my boot camp days, I need my gear to withstand a beating. It will have to handle sweat and sand.  A great sports bra, quick dry top, and shorts or crops will be a great combo. For Pilates I tend to go with the less is more philosophy. A simple top and fitted crops is all you need while stretching out in the reformer. I love the easy built in bra tops available from Lululemon, especially the  Power Y Tank. This tank offers enough support for exercise such as yoga or Pilates. The built in shelf bra is great and doesn’t require you to layer up with an additional sports bra. The fabric is the signature breathable fabric you are accustomed to with Lulu products. When moving and twisting around in the reformer, it is important that only your body moves and not your clothes. The Power Y Tank paired with some Wunder Under Crops is the perfect Pilates outfit. The purpose of workout clothes is to be durable (cute is a bonus!!!). When you are physically comfortable and feel confident that all your goods are covered, secured, and tucked in, then you are more able to focus on the exercising itself and spend your time and energy freely thinking about form.

Find the right exercise and apparel for you! Here is a shot of me at my first attempt at Pilates. I may not be as confident in the movement yet, but I am definitely confident in my attire.


Get your tank on!


Order the Power Y Tank Here!

attachment copy



***Upcoming workout schedule for the week of June 24- June 30***

Monday Boot Camp and Run

Tuesday Pilates

Wednesday Boot Camp and Run

Thursday Pilates

Friday Stretch/Rest

Saturday Long Run

Sunday Stretch/Rest


Runner Girl Pick Up Lines

As we head into the weekend, I can’t help but think of the bar crowd and everything that comes with that. In a recent conversation with a friend, I was commiserating over some recent bar talk I had overheard and thought how fun it would be to test out some new pick up lines. I am definitely not one to get picked up at a bar, but if someone was clever enough to say any of the following to me, you would at least get a laugh.

1. How about you and I get together and do some speed?

2. Hey Baby…I am kind of a big deal, I RUN this town!

3. Your pace or mine?

4. That isn’t a banana in my pocket…

5. What are your thoughts on you, me, some gu, and a trail in the woods

6. What is your preferred method of reaching maximum heart rate?

7. Personally I am pro body-glide

8. Do you like it fast or slow?

9. Love at first sight…or should I run by again?

10. Is there room in your corral for one more?

b7746a6581e5703eaf4ae6d33aa5930b call-me-maybe_thumb

xoxo, Original Material



Tuesday Tune: Hip Hop Throwback

Summer is concert season here in Hampton Roads. We have venues ranging from the Oceanfront stages, Farm Bureau Live, and the Ntelos Pavilion in Portsmouth. With all the summer concerts I am attending, my playlists are constantly evolving. I am always adding and/or deleting tracks to get that perfect mix of fast moving songs, especially when I am putting together a playlist for a long run. There has to be a good 120 minute list that has to keep me going.

This past weekend I had the honor of attending a last minute hip hop concert at the wonderful outside Ntelos Pavilion. The headliner was LL Cool J and get ready fpr this, the opening acts included De La Soul, Public Enemy, and Ice Cube!!!!

I posted about Ice Cube a couple years ago when training for the Shamrock 1/2 marathon. So this week I thought I would take in back to a total Hip Hop throwback playlist.

***Language Disclaimer****

1. You Can Do It – Ice Cube

2. Check Yo Self – Ice Cube

3. Get Your Head Sprung – LL Cool J

4. Phenomenon – Ll Cool J

5. We Be Clubbin’ – Ice Cube

6. Me, Myself, & I – De La Soul

7. Bring The Noise – Public Enemy

8. Shut Em Down – Public Enemy

9. Doin’ It – LL Cool J

10. Headsprung – LL Cool J

11. Control Myself – LL Cool J

Here are a few pics from the concert. We were definitely putting on backs into it!

Get Your Club On…


photo copy 13

photo copy 14

photo copy 15

Product Review: Lululemon Track Attack Short

There are several tell tale signs that summer is in full effect here in Virginia Beach. Tourists have taken over the boardwalk, training for the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon has begun, and the temperatures are steadily creeping up. The combination of the temps and the training make it necessary for me to switch out the running tights for a much cooler and looser option. Any of you runner girls know that trying to find a good pair of running shorts can be as stressful or as difficult as finding a great pair of jeans, or even the perfect swimsuit. I have run in Nike shorts for years and was apprehensive to sway from that.

During a custom fit session at Lululemon a couple weeks ago, I decided to give their running shorts a chance and atleast try them on. They have several styles, cuts, and lengths to chose from. Soon after slipping on the Track Attack Short, I was pleasantly surprised. The feature  I loved the most was the longer length. Most of my Lulu bottoms are a 4, but I went with a size 6 in the short. I like my shorts to be on the baggy fit side. The adjustable waistband keeps them from falling down. Other impressive features of the Track Attack Short are that they were designed with the idea of fitting an athletic leg. The fabric is lightweight and is designed to handle sweat. The Track Attack Short contains a small pocket on the side, big enough to hold your keys, chapstick, or gu packet.

photo copy 11

(Lounging in the Lulu Show Room wearing the Track Attack Short and the Swiftly Racerback)

I have been wearing these shorts every Saturday on my long run. I make sure that by the start of each weekend, these shorts have been washed and ready to go. Yesterday I ran for 8 miles and didn’t have to adjust the shorts once. No bunching, no chaffing, no rubbing. These black shorts seem to be miracle workers! After an 8 mile run, it is evident to me that these shorts can handle the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon just fine!

When stocking up on summer running gear, I urge you to grab the Track Attack Short. Don’t spend $$$$ on cheap knock-offs trying to make it work. A $54 price point is worth it for the Track Attack Short because you will get it right the first time.

Go Shorty….


photo copy 10

photo copy 12

(These shorts made it through an 8 mile training run and a trip to the Old Beach Farmer’s Market)