Summer Menu, Eating Light with Green Beans

Summer is here! New weather, new foods, and new meal times. I find myself eating dinner later because it stays lighter longer. I eat fresher. A lot of raw foods in the diet. Produce right out of the field and right off the farm stand. My meals become much simpler. Dinner may be some simply grilled or cut up vegetables. Often my meals are vegetarian in nature.  You often will find fruit as part of my dinner. Cut up berries or melon as a stand alone or in a salad. No heavy sauces but instead variations of oils and vinegars.

Recently I subscribed to an organic produce home delivery service, Backyard Produce. It is great. I don’t have to worry or think about shopping at all. I came home from work the other night after a long day and a newly delivered box was awaiting me on my porch. As I opened my box I was happy to discover fresh strawberries, mushrooms, avocados, onions, zucchini, lettuce, and a healthy portion of green string beans. I wasn’t starving but needed something light for dinner because I knew I had to run in the morning. These aren’t your mothers green beans, no ham-hocks here.  snipped the edges off the beans and threw them in the pot for a quick steam with some garlic, butter, and lemon.

Delicious and easy meal!

photo copy

Some Excellent Summer benefits pertinent to women include:

Very low calorie food!!!

Great source of Vitamin A which helps delay skin aging!!!

Rich in Fiber, keep those summer bellies flat!!!

What are your favorite lighter fare summer options?

Healthy Eating




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