National Running Day 2013, Final Kick

National Running Day 2013!!!

Every year on this day runners everywhere come together for a group run and social. I was aware of 3 different group runs just in Virginia Beach. I was torn as to which one to attend. I decided to go to the official Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon training and Kickoff party at Final Kick. ***(Final Kick is also known as the land of the ELITE runner. Fit people everywhere!!! Triathletes, Marathons, and basically just some fast and tough athletes!!! They have all my respect. Visit their website to see their training schedule.)***

It made sense for me to attend this group run, as I am a Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon fundraiser this year for GOTR, and I am so glad I did 🙂

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photo copy 6

It was a great event. Dozen of runners showed up and when I arrived at 5:15, there was line forming out the door for the 5:30 start. The event started with free swag!!! We love that, especially when it is training gear. Handfuls of  Power Bars, Gu, and a Rock N Roll Running tank. Love the design this year!

photo copy 3

photo copy 4

Once we gathered our free gear, we got ready for the group run. I met my friend Tami at the run and we decided to settle in to a comfortable pace and chat it up on our easy 3-4 mile run. I say 3-4 mile, because no one could give us a definite answer, although I think it was around 3.6! The run passed quickly as we chatted about everything from boys, work, food, and exercise. We even made some new runner friends on the way. I learned some new running tips and was invited to a book club meeting for runners and the topic of nutrition later this month.

When the run was completed, we decidied we would go enjoy the complimentary beer. After all, what would National Running Day be without free beer!?!?!

photo copy 5



All in all it was a great night, great midweek run, and great National Running Day 2013!


Where did you run yesterday? Did you celebrate?




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