1/2 Marathon Training Includes Pilates

When making my plans for summer exercise, I pretty much have it covered with training for the 2013 Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon over the next 10 weeks. However, I needed to add in some dedicated core work and stretching. This is something I have not done before when training for a long race. A new Pilates studio opened recently in Virginia Beach, and even better right near my house. This makes it convenient for early morning or after work sessions. Core strength is essential when running long distances. A strong middle will support your back and body while pushing through the long race. Pilates will help with flexibility, strength, and helps with muscle soreness.

A few weeks ago I decided to stop by the new neighborhood Pilates studio and see what it was all about. Soon after meeting the owners of Pilates Fitness Club; husband and wife, Chris and Trichelle Moxley, I knew there were good things coming out of their studio. Clients were coming out smiling but fulfilled from the session they had just attended. Chris and Trichelle are welcoming and inviting with their friendly faces and immense knowledge of Pilates. Chris, a lifelong athlete, is well versed in biomechanics, advanced stability training, and has a degree in Kinesiology.

After trying my first session about 2 weeks ago, I knew this would be a great compliment to running and training for the 1/2 marathon. I have committed to two weekly sessions while training. The stretching and movements are helping me stand taller and hold everything in! 2 weeks in to my Rock n Roll training with running and Pilates and I can already tell a difference in my posture, tone, and figure!!!

I encourage you to try it out today.

Pilates Fitness Club

700 19th Street, Suite 101

Virginia Beach VA 23451

Enjoy getting long and lean and tell them The Fit Petite sent ya.


***While writing this blog, I am listening to E! in the background and can hear Kristin Cavallari raving about Pilates! By looking at her svelte figure, I think that’s a great sign 🙂 ***

Here are a few pics of my first session. Stay tuned for more information, reviews, and benefits of from my time at Pilates Fitness Club.




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