Tuesday Tune, Let It Roll

Leave it to Flo Rida to serve up a new song just in time for Summer 2013 and the 1/2 Marathon training playlist !!!!

Let It Roll is Fit Petite approved to get you moving. With great music like this, you are sure to want to move. Killer music is a key essential to a 2+ hour workout (1/2 marathon).

Some of my fav lyrics:

“Love is nice when it’s understood”

“Come on baby let the good times roll”

“More drinks for us, toast the good times”

“Let’s go all out”

Reminds me of summer champs and dance parties on the beach!!!

Let the good times roll…


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tune, Let It Roll

  1. Love it! One of my fav’s is an oldie but goodie….Will Smith’s Summa Summa Summa Time…. let’s just sit back and unwind!!!!!


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