Product Review: Lululemon Track Attack Short

There are several tell tale signs that summer is in full effect here in Virginia Beach. Tourists have taken over the boardwalk, training for the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon has begun, and the temperatures are steadily creeping up. The combination of the temps and the training make it necessary for me to switch out the running tights for a much cooler and looser option. Any of you runner girls know that trying to find a good pair of running shorts can be as stressful or as difficult as finding a great pair of jeans, or even the perfect swimsuit. I have run in Nike shorts for years and was apprehensive to sway from that.

During a custom fit session at Lululemon a couple weeks ago, I decided to give their running shorts a chance and atleast try them on. They have several styles, cuts, and lengths to chose from. Soon after slipping on the Track Attack Short, I was pleasantly surprised. The feature  I loved the most was the longer length. Most of my Lulu bottoms are a 4, but I went with a size 6 in the short. I like my shorts to be on the baggy fit side. The adjustable waistband keeps them from falling down. Other impressive features of the Track Attack Short are that they were designed with the idea of fitting an athletic leg. The fabric is lightweight and is designed to handle sweat. The Track Attack Short contains a small pocket on the side, big enough to hold your keys, chapstick, or gu packet.

photo copy 11

(Lounging in the Lulu Show Room wearing the Track Attack Short and the Swiftly Racerback)

I have been wearing these shorts every Saturday on my long run. I make sure that by the start of each weekend, these shorts have been washed and ready to go. Yesterday I ran for 8 miles and didn’t have to adjust the shorts once. No bunching, no chaffing, no rubbing. These black shorts seem to be miracle workers! After an 8 mile run, it is evident to me that these shorts can handle the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon just fine!

When stocking up on summer running gear, I urge you to grab the Track Attack Short. Don’t spend $$$$ on cheap knock-offs trying to make it work. A $54 price point is worth it for the Track Attack Short because you will get it right the first time.

Go Shorty….


photo copy 10

photo copy 12

(These shorts made it through an 8 mile training run and a trip to the Old Beach Farmer’s Market)


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