Tuesday Tune: Hip Hop Throwback

Summer is concert season here in Hampton Roads. We have venues ranging from the Oceanfront stages, Farm Bureau Live, and the Ntelos Pavilion in Portsmouth. With all the summer concerts I am attending, my playlists are constantly evolving. I am always adding and/or deleting tracks to get that perfect mix of fast moving songs, especially when I am putting together a playlist for a long run. There has to be a good 120 minute list that has to keep me going.

This past weekend I had the honor of attending a last minute hip hop concert at the wonderful outside Ntelos Pavilion. The headliner was LL Cool J and get ready fpr this, the opening acts included De La Soul, Public Enemy, and Ice Cube!!!!

I posted about Ice Cube a couple years ago when training for the Shamrock 1/2 marathon. So this week I thought I would take in back to a total Hip Hop throwback playlist.

***Language Disclaimer****

1. You Can Do It – Ice Cube

2. Check Yo Self – Ice Cube

3. Get Your Head Sprung – LL Cool J

4. Phenomenon – Ll Cool J

5. We Be Clubbin’ – Ice Cube

6. Me, Myself, & I – De La Soul

7. Bring The Noise – Public Enemy

8. Shut Em Down – Public Enemy

9. Doin’ It – LL Cool J

10. Headsprung – LL Cool J

11. Control Myself – LL Cool J

Here are a few pics from the concert. We were definitely putting on backs into it!

Get Your Club On…


photo copy 13

photo copy 14

photo copy 15



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