Runner Girl Pick Up Lines

As we head into the weekend, I can’t help but think of the bar crowd and everything that comes with that. In a recent conversation with a friend, I was commiserating over some recent bar talk I had overheard and thought how fun it would be to test out some new pick up lines. I am definitely not one to get picked up at a bar, but if someone was clever enough to say any of the following to me, you would at least get a laugh.

1. How about you and I get together and do some speed?

2. Hey Baby…I am kind of a big deal, I RUN this town!

3. Your pace or mine?

4. That isn’t a banana in my pocket…

5. What are your thoughts on you, me, some gu, and a trail in the woods

6. What is your preferred method of reaching maximum heart rate?

7. Personally I am pro body-glide

8. Do you like it fast or slow?

9. Love at first sight…or should I run by again?

10. Is there room in your corral for one more?

b7746a6581e5703eaf4ae6d33aa5930b call-me-maybe_thumb

xoxo, Original Material



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