Different Gear for Different Workouts: Lulu Power Y Tank

It is Sunday morning and today in this house, it happens to be laundry day. I have a busy work and exercise schedule coming in the week ahead. A new gym review begins early Monday morning at 5:30am. So it will be important I have the right gear ready to go.

Running tops, Pilates top, shorts, crops, sports bras, socks!

Each exercise requires something completely different from my body, which in turns has me requiring different things from my attire. For my boot camp days, I need my gear to withstand a beating. It will have to handle sweat and sand.  A great sports bra, quick dry top, and shorts or crops will be a great combo. For Pilates I tend to go with the less is more philosophy. A simple top and fitted crops is all you need while stretching out in the reformer. I love the easy built in bra tops available from Lululemon, especially the  Power Y Tank. This tank offers enough support for exercise such as yoga or Pilates. The built in shelf bra is great and doesn’t require you to layer up with an additional sports bra. The fabric is the signature breathable fabric you are accustomed to with Lulu products. When moving and twisting around in the reformer, it is important that only your body moves and not your clothes. The Power Y Tank paired with some Wunder Under Crops is the perfect Pilates outfit. The purpose of workout clothes is to be durable (cute is a bonus!!!). When you are physically comfortable and feel confident that all your goods are covered, secured, and tucked in, then you are more able to focus on the exercising itself and spend your time and energy freely thinking about form.

Find the right exercise and apparel for you! Here is a shot of me at my first attempt at Pilates. I may not be as confident in the movement yet, but I am definitely confident in my attire.


Get your tank on!


Order the Power Y Tank Here!

attachment copy



***Upcoming workout schedule for the week of June 24- June 30***

Monday Boot Camp and Run

Tuesday Pilates

Wednesday Boot Camp and Run

Thursday Pilates

Friday Stretch/Rest

Saturday Long Run

Sunday Stretch/Rest



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