Tuesday Track

This Tuesday, our tracks pay tribute to our wonderful country, America. Living here in Virginia Beach, I am often reminded of the sacrifices our military makes for us. I can hear jets flying overhead now as I type this entry. Seal team six trains miles down the street and I am bookended by military bases on both ends of the beach.

These songs make me feel patriotic. They remind me of everything good in this country.

American Ride – Toby Keith

My Town – Montgomery Gentry

American Pie – Don McLean

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding

Celebrate Good Times – Kool and The Gang

American Boy – Estelle featuring Kanye West

American Girl – Tom Petty

Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John

Fortunate Son – CCR

What songs make you feel patriotic? What songs make you feel grateful for your freedom?

Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday…God Bless The USA


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