A Week of Jim White Fitness Boot Camp

Recently I attended the Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards presented by Inside Business. Virginia Beach’s very own, Jim White, was presented with this amazing award. Jim was 1 of 9 individuals recognized last month by leading the charge of Entrepreneurial Excellence in Hampton Roads.

Google Jim White and take notice of what comes up in the search results. Gym owner, personal trainer, writer, public speaker, registered dietician and an award list a mile long. Jim White is a brand and an entity. This review isn’t about Jim White, but it is about his boot camp. I would be missing the mark completely if I failed to mention the accomplishments of Jim White as a person. If it wasn’t for him, the boot camp wouldn’t be possible.

Last Monday I started my week with a very early wake-up call of 4:45 am. It was just enough time for a small bite, a cup a coffee, and for me to get my butt down to the boardwalk for a 5:30 am Jim White Fitness Boot Camp class. With the sun coming up, I was greeted with a warm welcome from Jim’s wife Krista White as well as members of the JWF Team. The trainer for Monday was Charlie and ACE certified intern Blake. I started my week with a group of boot campers who had been going hard all month. It was the last week of their month long program and they were trying to get those last few workouts in before a weigh in at the end of the week. We began the hour long class with a few laps around the Dairy Queen and some calisthenic exercises, how appropriate 🙂 The class passed quickly. With the beautiful view of the sunrise over the ocean, you quickly forget you are exercising. The class was filled with squats, lunges, light free weights, and some mat work. A brief stretch at the end and everyone set off to start their day. I left the class thinking that it was a bit easy (remember this, because soon I eat my words). Being a runner, I have a lot of endurance so I figured that was the reason I wasn’t tired. What I failed to factor in was the use of muscles that had been sedentary for months. Running and Pilates have been my workout routine lately. Both are outstanding workouts but are a completely different type of fitness.





Tuesday morning I awoke at my usual 6:00 am time. Since this was a non boot camp day, I had all hopes of getting in a quick run before work. I was sorely mistaken, LITERALLY. I could barely walk. Instead of a run, I settled for a bike ride on the boardwalk. That boot camp was no joke!!! It did what it was supposed to do. It kicked my butt!!!

Wednesday, back at the boot camp. This time we were lead by JWF General Manager Chris Baggett and we took it to the sand. Today we were treated to band work, pushups, partner exercises, and an obstacle course. This workout didn’t skimp on the calorie burn, or on the sand I took home from head to toe 🙂

Thursday I was grateful for my scheduled Pilates class to get out a well deserved stretch.

Friday was a rest day for me.

Saturday I was back at it with my final JWF boot camp of the week. The class was held at the Virginia Beach Lululemon store. The Saturday morning class was instructed by non other than owner Jim White himself along with general manager Chris Baggett. The class was held in the spacious parking lot of Lululemon and included adults, kids, and the staff of Lulu. The class was great. Some highlights of the day included: one legged burpee’s, one armed push ups, and some balancing exercises.



My review of Jim White Fitness Boot Camp is this…well worth the time you would spend. An average boot camp class can burn anywhere from 400-600 calories depending on intensity. Classes can be modified based on fitness level and ability. If you are looking to get serious about your health, this would be a great place to start.

JWF Boot Camp offers both a morning and evening session. Also they feature two off site locations; the oceanfront and Mount Trashmore. With the small groups, the personalized attention and motivation you receive would be enough to push you to your individual fitness goals. This class is no joke, prepare to get your butt kicked. Prepare to sweat. Prepare to get sandy. Prepare to feel the burn. Prepare to get results. Prepare to have fun 🙂

Check out the full list of services offered at JWF online or at either the Hilltop or Great Neck Studio. From nutrition, personal training, or boot camp there is something for everyone and every price point.

It’s not to late to get bikini body ready with boot camp!

Happy sweating 🙂



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