Product Review: Heads Up Bands – A Summer Must Have

Last week I started packing for a long summer weekend getaway. Most of the weekend would be spent in my bikini lounging on a pier or the front of my family boat. Also included in the weekend plans would be a long run and a 5k. Several days sans blow dryer but messy, crazy, wild, beach hair instead. With the activities I had planned, I would need some low maintenance  hair products and accessories on hand, headbands!!!

Thanks to Heads Up Bands for sending me several options just in time for the active week ahead. This was the  perfect time to put these no slip, no headache claiming bands and hair ties through the ringer and see what they were made of. I put these bands through a true test of summer activity. One morning I began my day early with the Zig Zag and didn’t adjust it again at all. It fit tight, but comfortable. It held up to the salty river water while tubing, wake surfing, and swimming (even after a few wipeouts). Another day I rocked the Going Dotty Band and Neon Hair Tie during a hot and sweaty 5k. In line for the restroom before the race, I was getting compliments on the “cute headband”. But the true test would come during and after the run. With 86% humidity and temps climbing towards the 90’s, I was a hot mess soon into the 3.1 mile run. Upon completion of the race, I poured water over my head leaving myself a dripping mess. The band remained in place.

The funky patterned headbands and a stack of neon hair ties was a daily must have accessory for the bikini’s, sundresses, and workout gear I had packed!  I have tried similar bands before, but after sweat and water they began to warp and loose their shape. Heads Up Bands should be in every girls workout bag, beach bag, and cosmetic bag. With all the styles and colors to choose from, these fashionable and functional head bands can easily go from day to night and business to casual. The Heads Up Bands are true to their word. No slip and no headache! These bands are Fit Petite APPROVED!!!!

Keep Your Head Up



photo copy 4

photo copy 3



photo copy 5


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