Deltaville 5k: Hot, Hot, Hot


Fourth of July weekend has always been a big holiday for my family. Our little piece of heaven on the Middle Peninsula of Virginia inhabited with our relatives from all over the country. Folks drive in and fly in from Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Maryland, Kentucky, and all of us from here is Hampton Roads. The week is usually filled with lots of food, alcohol, and outdoor activity.

The past  couple of years, several of us have “competed” in the local Deltaville 5k. I use the term “compete” very loosely. Last year by some miracle of the small race, I snagged 1st place in my age group with a time of 26:24.  Let’s be clear, this was no supreme feat. I would like to think it was because I put up an impressive fast time, but I am seasoned enough to know it was due to lack of particpation. However, I do have my medal and certificate proudly displaced at home :)Last year there were a couple hundred participants.

This year, I wasn’t so fortunate. The day was a scorcher . The temps were over 80 and humidity of 86%. I finished 11 in my age group of 30-34 with 26 finishers with a time of 28:36. This year the race pulled in 460 participants, 8 of whom were in my family. Even though my day was less than desirable, my cousin Steve finished top 3 in his age group for 2 years in a row!!! But the biggest victory of the day was my cousin Leo who tore it up in the kids 1/2 mile. In a full on sprint, he took second place. Best known for his abilities in the pool as fast swimmer, he soon proved to be just as big of a threat on dry land.

Even with the heat, we had a great morning overall. This race has turned out to be another fun family tradition.

Get your 5k on!




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