Proper Summer Running Attire: Marathon Makeover

This summer I have filled my calendar with a fair share of local races as well as my  regular weekly workouts.  So far this season, I have noticed some major wardrobe no-no’s for summer running. I have been at the point of almost “pulling someone over” on the trail to suggest a marathon makeover. This type of makeover would have little to nothing to do with fashion. You have read on here several times regarding my love of a certain exercise apparel line (Lululemon).  I am aware that not everyone can afford the line or would even want to. I am referring to the type of clothing you are wearing to get your run on. There are a few key tips that I think could make all the difference in your experience and training.

Shorts/Skirts Please leave the running tights packed away in the drawer until further notice. It is much too hot to wear full gear like this. Nike, Adidas, Lulu, as well as Target and Walmart offer attractive athletic styles and attractive price points for every budget. when you are shopping, make sure you try the shorts on and do some simple sample running and moving in the dressing run. Check for bunching between the legs. This could become extremely problematic later when that material is mixed with sweat. A running skirt can be a great substitute for shorts. Most skirts have built in compression shorts underneath. Skirts can be flattering and comfortable for hot summer days.

Top/Tanks Whether you choose to go tank, sleeveless, or short sleeves, when searching for running tops, keep this in mind. The most important thing, is to pick something made from a moisture wicking material. Cotton can be the WORST option in a hot and humid summer race. Cotton does not allow the skin to get air. Sweat is trapped and the top becomes heavy and uncomfortable, leading to frustration and less than desirable experince. This shirt is now wet and is added weight to you during the run. Race promoters are even wising up these days. Your race swag bag use to include a cotton race day t, now the promoters are offering a dry-fit or cool max option instead.

Socks Same goes for socks. Keep with the moisture wicking them. Stay away from cotton socks. Cotton=Blisters

Visor/Shades You will feel much more comfortable with the sun out of your face and eyes. You may not need both but at least one is highly recommended.

I hope these tips are helpful. Not only will you feel better, you will be look better sporting some fantastic new apparel. After all it is always important to look your best 🙂

Now that your marathon makeover is complete, I hope to see you on the boardwalk or trail soon in your proper summer running attire!

Stay Cool VB


***when reading labels look for these buzz words***



Dri- FIT (Nike)

Moisture Wicking

Luon, Rulu, or Luxtreme (Lululemon)



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