JWF Nutrition Overhaul:Week 1

It is time to get real here. I am opening the doors to my refrigerator, pantry, and cupboards. I am asking for help and guidance and getting real with how I am fueling my body. I have paired up with none other than Jim White. I figured if I wanted to best results, I would need to go to the best!

I get flack sometimes for being small and being concerned about my size, shape, or weight. Let’s be clear here, just because I am a size 4 and petite, doesn’t mean I get a hall pass on health and taking care of myself. I have curves and if I want to keep them in the right places, I need to get a handle on things now and keep my body in check. I think everyone should strive to be better…not perfect. Celebrities don’t need to be the only ones concerned with feeling good and looking good! God gave you one body and you should respect it enough to take care of it. You wouldn’t get drunk everyday right? So you should not eat in abundance everyday either.

The past month I have become busier than ever. I have been feeling sluggish and slowed down lately. I have been exercising more than ever. I am not gaining weight, but I am not loosing any weight.  I have been a firm believer that diet can cause or repair most problems. I went right to the source and booked an immediate appointment with Jim White, registered dietician and owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios.  We discussed my eating…and drinking habits 🙂 We discussed my lifestyle, exercise schedule, and sleep habits. All these factors go into play when making a meal plan that is realistic to YOU.


Jim customized a meal plan based on my daily schedule and workout regiment.  The plan IS NOT a diet. I don’t believe it those. Diets are destined for failure. Your dietary requirements should be built individually for you and be based on your lifestyle. The plan has to be easy, or you will not follow it. My nutritional plan needed tweaking and the adjustments Jim made were all very easy to implement.

Last week I hit my favorite neighborhood deli one last time (for a few weeks) and wouldn’t you know it was FREE brownie day. A perfect farewell to me as I move towards this journey. Stay tuned for the next several weeks as I document my progress, challenges, and results. You can take this journey with me. It is never too late. Contact Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios and get a consultation today.

To remain authentic and keep myself accountableI have enclosed some “before” photos as well as my current stats:

Weight: 121

Height: 5′

***My Take-A-Way Tip of the week***

This week a big take a way was that  if I must consume alcohol, I will order the clear liquor and clear mixers. I will now be swapping out my Saturday beers for Vodka Soda with Limes, quite refreshing. Make this simple summer time switch yourself and loose some unneeded extra calories.

JWFNS Contact Info:



Hilltop Location 422-4728

Great Neck Location  412-0019

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