“The Fit Petite” not “The Fast Petite”-Running without a watch

People often ask me “How Fast Do you Run?” I think they forget the name of my blog is The Fit Petite, Not The Fast Petite. Sometimes I notice that individuals can become obsessed with the results on their watch when running. This isn’t always the most efficient way to spend a run.

During our Wednesday Night EVOFIT Run Club, we ran sans watches. For some of us this was a challenge. Before the 4.4 mile evening run in the summer heat, we were all asked to predict our finishing time. In other words, what would our pace be. Keep in mind, we all had different paces we were working off of. Some of us were doing race pace, some of us were doing tempo pace, some of us on a recovery run pace. When predicting your time, there was a lot to consider. I figured for me the 4.4 miles…with heat…already tired… not properly hydrated would take me about 44 minutes. I was working at a 10 minute mile pace, I have gotten to know my body over the years so I can “feel” how fast that is. Using the 10 minute pace as a benchmark, I can tell when I am pacing over or under this. I finished right at 44:52. Not too far off.

After we run, we usually hit Murphy’s for some cold, well deserved beverages. As we sat around the table comparing running notes, I noticed a couple people excited with the night’s performance. There were 2 main take aways I think we all walked away with.

1. Most of us are not aware of our natural running pace.

2. Several people turned out to be faster than they guessed they would be. This leads me to make this assumption. When running without your watch, you are faster then when you were running with your watch. Thus you were too focused on the clock and could have been holding back and not pushing enough. I thought this was extremely eye opening. This was a great way to get in touch with your true/natural running pace.

Try this on your next run and see where you end up. If you are running alone, start the watch and leave in your mailbox or car then stop it upon your return. I bet you amazed by the results.

Be watch free…



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