Star Struck: LaTasha Colander Clark

Growing up and attending Great Bridge and Hickory High Schools in Chesapeake, I was fortunate enough to attend school with several professional athletes. Michael Cuddyer, The Upton Brothers, and David Wright,  just to name a few. To me,  they were always and still are the local baseball boys.

As a runner, I have followed the paths of local atheletes such as Lawrence Johnson, Marion Jones, and LaTasha Colander Clark. So you can imagine my surprise when I had the priveledge of meeting LaTasha on Monday during what I thought was a routine client meeting at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. I managed to keep myself together, but inside I was STAR STRUCK. Tasha is not just a local accomplished professional athlete, she is an Olympic Gold Medalist!  In Sydney 2000, Tasha was among the 4×400 relay team that took GOLD. Tasha grew up in Portsmouth and is back working in the area. She is promoting races and events for her foundation, LC Treasures Within. The foundation will host its first event on September 14,  at the Portsmouth Family YMCA.

The 4×400 relay team was comprised of Marion Jones, LaTasha Colander, Jearl Miles Clark, and Monique Hennagan. The team had a winning time of 3:22.62, beating out Jamaica at 3:23.25, and Russia with a time of 3:23.46. The team was stripped of their medals not long after their win due to dopping allegations that were later proven against Marion Jones. Tasha and 6 other teammates successfully appealed the IOC’s decision and their medals were restored.

She fought til the end to win GOLD, and then she fought even harder to keep it. I will forever remember the day I had the privilege and honor to have met her and am excited to have her back in the area.

Welcome Back Tasha !


4x400 Relay Sydney Olympics

4×400 Relay Sydney Olympics



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