Surfer’s Healing 2013 – Aloha VB

The Surfer’s Healing Virginia Beach event is one of my favorite events of the summer. There isn’t a lot of glitz and glam. But the meaning behind it and what they accomplish every year amazes me. Surfer’s Healing is an organization that was founded by a couple who had a child that was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. This presented many challenges for them and their child. He frequently suffered from sensory overload and the ocean seemed to be the one place he could find some peace.

Virginia Beach has hosted a Surfer’s Healing event for 7 years. They partner up with Team Hoyt Virginia Beach and give this kids a wonderful day of surf, something that many thought could never be possible.

The weather today was high 70’s, with 90% humidty with dark rain clouds. The morning started rainy and gloomy. I think the clouds deterred many runners from coming out. On my damp bike ride down to 5th street early this morning, I was one of few heading down to the run. As I approached I noticed the crowd of red Team Hoyt folks. Nothing can keep those guys away. A little rain never hurt anyone. Them and the surfers were determined to give those kids a good time. Right before the 8:00 start time, the rain stopped. What a blessing. With less runners than normal, it was an easy start to get out ahead. The quick 5k out and back along the boardwalk rewarded us by allowing the wind to push us on the way back. I didn’t time myself on this run. Just settled in at a tempo speed pacing off a friend in front of me who I knew was faster. I finished with a 27:12 chip time, with an 8:46 pace.  Sub 9’s for me these days is WINNING! I will take that 🙂

After the run, I headed down near the water to watch the event I came to see. There were professional surfers in from all over the US. California, North Carolina, Hawaii, and New York. The pros would take the children into the water and actually surf them into the shore on their boards. They began the event with the Hawaiian Surfer’s prayer. This prayer is meant to keep surfers safe in the water and it offers a message of hope and strength for the children and the families. This prayer was well received as the red flags were up. The event went great. Smiles and tears from children and parents could be seen through the crowd 🙂

I am glad I chanced the clouds. It didn’t rain the entire morning, allowing Surfer’s Healing VB to have an awesome event.



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