Jim White Fitness Nutritional Overhaul: Week 4 – Sushi and Skinny Jeans

Tropical Stack, Zushi

Tropical Stack, Zushi

No Rice Sushi Roll

No Rice Sushi Roll, Cucumber-Avacado-Salmon MIZUNO

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

No Rice Sushi

No Rice Sushi

Running the boardwalk

Surfer’s Healing 5k to allow for a Splurge Dinner

Sake at Mizuno

Splurge…Sake and Leche Fruit Martini at Mizuno

I have completed 3 weeks on my JWFNS Meal Plan and 5 more to go. The plan is set for 8 weeks, but I think this way of eating will probably keep going indefinitely. The plan is simple to shop for, easy to maintain, and includes lots of yummy foods. I am learning a lot. Also, I feel like I am eating a lot, which helps me avoid the problem of never letting myself get hungry.

Two weeks ago I shared a sample daily menu with you. Going into this week, Jim helped me make a couple of changes to improve the result even more. My regular nonfat yogurt is getting switched out for Greek yogurt. It is important for me to get enough protein and not as many carbs. Being mindful of this keeps me fuller longer and feel better throughout the day. No bloated belly !!! Another tweak I am making is to amp up the two time a week weight training. In addition to my normal running routine, this upcoming week I will hit up 79PT twice instead of my normal free weight routine here at the house.

JWFNS on Sushi…

I have really been missing sushi and wanted to attempt eating out at one of my favorite sushi places, Zushi Japanese Bistro at Virginia Beach Town Center. I emailed Jim White and asked his thoughts on what to order at a sushi restaurant. Within minutes, he had replied with several wonderful recommendations. It turns out, I can have the sushi with some slight modifications and still enjoy it…even without the rice! He recommends staying away from white rice and opt for the brown rice sushi. A lot of local sushi bars are offering this option. Harris Teeter even has it available in the case. If you are counting calories, keep in mind that a roll with 4 pieces has roughly 200 calories. Also, Jim gave a thumbs up to my request for seaweed salad! I was excited to hear that, as this is one of my favorites. Seaweed salad can be high in sodium, so be aware of how much you eat. But there are several benefits to eating this slimy side dish šŸ™‚ In an article on Fox News from earlier last year, it states that seaweed salad is high in vitamins A,C, E, K and B. Zushi, doesn’t offer a brown rice option in their bowls or rolls. Normally I order the Volcano bowl which is filled with raw tuna and salmon, some pickled vegetables, seaweed salad, and topped over sushi rice. I swapped that for the Tropical Stack and a side order of Seaweed Salad. DELISH!!! Might be a new fav! The Tropical stack is comprised of tuna, lobster, avocado, and mango. I left feeling just full enough for lunch and completely satisfied. I didn’t need much, if any, of that salty soy sauce either. Another great sushi restaurant in VB is Mizuno. They offer a variety of no-rice options as well. There is even a place on the menu that features a few “No Rice” rolls. If you go there for dinner, listen to the specials. There are usually some awesome options for you to chose from in that as well. Like the “Japanese Salad” with radish root and tuna. Water and green tea are good options to accompany the meal. If you chose to splurge on Sake, remember that it contains even higher alcohol content than most wine. Sake also contains approximately 156 calories in a 4oz serving! YIKES!!! Sake and Sushi, like anything should be consumed in MODERATION!

Results and Take Aways:

Weight 118, down from 119-down from 121

I received a compliment from a personal trainer friend this past week. That really made my day, especially since this person is in the industry and can appreciate a healthy body šŸ™‚

Feeling inspired by the weight loss, I chopped my hair as well, channeling my inner Julianne Hough! On a side note, I think having the right haircut to frame your face can make you appear thinner šŸ™‚

Julianne Hough Hair

Julianne Hough Hair

I will be having measurements taken again this coming week. I do think I have lost some inches around my hips and booty though. I was able to rock my “skinny jeans” over the weekend comfortably! I have referred to these jeans over the past few years as my “marathon jeans” because every time I train and eat right consistently, I am able to fit into them. Go figure šŸ™‚

Get your Skinny On



3 thoughts on “Jim White Fitness Nutritional Overhaul: Week 4 – Sushi and Skinny Jeans

  1. Love the lighter Sushi options and cannot wait to try them as I am always looking for ways to eat light while eating at out, without feeling deprived!


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