Tuesday Track : Waves, ECSC

This week I thought it was appropriate to give a shout out to the East Coast Surfing Championships happening here in Virginia Beach.  Our Tuesday Track this week is Waves. This song by Blondfire is a must have on your Summer 2013 soundtrack. When I listen to it, I can picture it being the background music for a surfing video. It isn’t a fast tempo, but a steady beat for you to include on a long run or bike ride. Check out the song for yourself here.


Picking you up

Pushing you down,

They’re always around


Just like dream

Silver and green,

We live in between”

Head out to ECSC this week and hopefully see some waves of your own. Here is the event calendar for ECSC.

***Check out the ECSC 8k this Saturday . It is always a fun run! Check out the post from the race last year.  I finished at a time of 45:22. Let’s how how we do this Saturday!




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