Floatation Therapy: Dream Float Spa

Do you ever feel like you could just float away? Well you can at Dream Float Spa at Hilltop here in Virginia Beach. Read about an experience I had earlier this year regarding what is floatation therapy and what to expect.

Last week I incorporated floatation therapy into my training program. I am running and exercising more than ever these days. It is important for me to get maximum results from each workout. While the act of exercise itself can stimulate muscle growth, the real strengthening process happens 30-40 hours after the workout is completed. Adding in a float session during this time will help you achieve complete relaxation and accelerate the muscle regeneration process.

Some workouts can cause a build up of lactic acid. This can leave an athlete with feelings of cramps and pains. Floating will loosen the muscles and helps reduce this build up. On the days I am at rest,  the muscle recovery process is vital.  As mentioned earlier, floating promotes deep relaxation. This has been extremely beneficial for me as it is difficult for me to RELAX.  While in the floatation tank, you are forced to relax and let the mind go. Floating has helped me stay relaxed at home and sleep better at night. With a busy schedule, I am trying to fit in several different types of workouts throughout the week, it is necessary that I feel good and rested daily.

The time in the floatation tank is also a great time to practice visualization techniques. For example, if training for the Rock n Roll 1/2, visualize the finish line of the race. Imagine having to dig deep and push yourself through to the end. Visualize the crowd, the bands, the challenges you may face on race day. thinking about the race ahead of time, will help to ease your anxiety. You will feel more prepared, hence more relaxed about the event. The combination of having your mind and body in sync can be very powerful when completing these longer races.

Once you have booked a float session, be sure to arrive a few minutes early. Have your swimsuit or preferred floating attire with you as well as a bag to transport the wet suit home in.  Dream Float Spa provides towels in each room. Also, there is a fully stocked shower in each room for you to wash the salt off of. Dream Float Spa has a full vanity, hair dryer, and supplies if you need to go somewhere after your session. I prefer to float at the end of my day and go directly home to continue relaxing.

***I urge all of you Rock n Rollers to call this week to call and book two appointments. Book one for this upcoming week, and book another for your race recovery! Call Dream Float Spa today and ask about their Race Registration Special and receive $5 off your session***

Float on

Float On

Float On



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