Jim White Fitness: Cupcakes & Casualties, Week 5

Mini Cupcakes = Set Back

Mini Cupcakes = Set Back

This week was a challenge for me. To be perfectly frank, I fell slightly off of the Jim White Fitness wagon. Work, puppy sitting, work, running, work, WOD, work, run, Stella & Dot, work, run…

Last week, 3 out of 5 nights involved after work commitments. This meant a dinner menu that wasn’t of my choosing. This is not a moment for me to make excuses. In fact, it was a big slap in the face for me to wake up and take control and accountability of my health. I was definitely reminded of how normal life distractions can creep in and derail your efforts if you are not careful.

The past month I have been pretty “strict” on the Jim White Fitness program and have found it pretty easy to keep up with. But after a recent grocery shopping trip for a “girl’s night in” that I was hosting, I realized how tempted and taunted I was by the cupcakes and wine sitting on my countertop.  I didn’t even know I missed wine until I took my first sip. I have cut my cocktails back this month to include only vodka and water. I will say, to all of you who questioned giving up the wine, I see how this was challenging for you. It is so much easier to just pour a glass of wine than to mix a cocktail. However, judging by how I felt the next morning after a few glasses of wine, it was proof that I didn’t miss it enough to indulge. Swollen, puffy eyes are not a good look for me.

This past week I did kick up my workout intensity. My training was bumped up a notch with some more weight training and running workouts. This seemed to make me hungrier than normal. I think that was partly due to the fact I was burning more calories and partly due to the fact I wasn’t fueling my body properly. I have done pretty well the past few weeks warding off hunger. I can’t help but think I have a 13.1 mile run next weekend too, and maybe that does give me a little bit of entitlement to eat whatever the hell I want! I think that this is somewhat true. However, after partaking in the cupcakes that were calling to me from the counter, just like the wine, it was not worth it. I think the key is to have a small amount, then you can be ok. But, if portion control is a challenge for you, don’t even bring the sweet treats into the house to begin with. My friends and family tease me when they visit that there is nothing good to eat in my house. I find that if it isn’t here, I will not eat it. And if it is here…well…you get the idea.

A few days of flushing with water and green tea should take care of this minor set back. Also, being that the 1/2 marathon is less than a week away, I know it is more important than ever to regulate my nutrition. Nothing new, no major changes, just get back to the Jim White Fitness plan. I will need all the help I can get to help me move swiftly through the 13.1 miles.

Above all, it is important to realize that a set back isn’t a failure. A few days off of the plan may have been the loss of a battle…but not the war.

Current Weight: 119

This week the JWFNS plan will be in full force allowing for a few more calories to accommodate the Rock n Roll.

The work out plan for the week is as follows:

Monday – 4 miles easy

Tuesday – 79 PT and a Floatation Therapy Session

Wednesday – EVOFIT Run Club, speed workout

Thursday – weights

Friday – muscle release work from VB Pilates Club

Saturday – 2 miles easy

Sunday – 13.1 !!!! Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon

Rock n Roll On


***Next week stay tuned for a Rock n Roll update, new weekly workout plan, and nutritional plan changes***

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Floatation Therapy: Dream Float Spa

Do you ever feel like you could just float away? Well you can at Dream Float Spa at Hilltop here in Virginia Beach. Read about an experience I had earlier this year regarding what is floatation therapy and what to expect.

Last week I incorporated floatation therapy into my training program. I am running and exercising more than ever these days. It is important for me to get maximum results from each workout. While the act of exercise itself can stimulate muscle growth, the real strengthening process happens 30-40 hours after the workout is completed. Adding in a float session during this time will help you achieve complete relaxation and accelerate the muscle regeneration process.

Some workouts can cause a build up of lactic acid. This can leave an athlete with feelings of cramps and pains. Floating will loosen the muscles and helps reduce this build up. On the days I am at rest,  the muscle recovery process is vital.  As mentioned earlier, floating promotes deep relaxation. This has been extremely beneficial for me as it is difficult for me to RELAX.  While in the floatation tank, you are forced to relax and let the mind go. Floating has helped me stay relaxed at home and sleep better at night. With a busy schedule, I am trying to fit in several different types of workouts throughout the week, it is necessary that I feel good and rested daily.

The time in the floatation tank is also a great time to practice visualization techniques. For example, if training for the Rock n Roll 1/2, visualize the finish line of the race. Imagine having to dig deep and push yourself through to the end. Visualize the crowd, the bands, the challenges you may face on race day. thinking about the race ahead of time, will help to ease your anxiety. You will feel more prepared, hence more relaxed about the event. The combination of having your mind and body in sync can be very powerful when completing these longer races.

Once you have booked a float session, be sure to arrive a few minutes early. Have your swimsuit or preferred floating attire with you as well as a bag to transport the wet suit home in.  Dream Float Spa provides towels in each room. Also, there is a fully stocked shower in each room for you to wash the salt off of. Dream Float Spa has a full vanity, hair dryer, and supplies if you need to go somewhere after your session. I prefer to float at the end of my day and go directly home to continue relaxing.

***I urge all of you Rock n Rollers to call this week to call and book two appointments. Book one for this upcoming week, and book another for your race recovery! Call Dream Float Spa today and ask about their Race Registration Special and receive $5 off your session***

Float on

Float On

Float On


Surfer’s Healing 2013 – Aloha VB

The Surfer’s Healing Virginia Beach event is one of my favorite events of the summer. There isn’t a lot of glitz and glam. But the meaning behind it and what they accomplish every year amazes me. Surfer’s Healing is an organization that was founded by a couple who had a child that was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. This presented many challenges for them and their child. He frequently suffered from sensory overload and the ocean seemed to be the one place he could find some peace.

Virginia Beach has hosted a Surfer’s Healing event for 7 years. They partner up with Team Hoyt Virginia Beach and give this kids a wonderful day of surf, something that many thought could never be possible.

The weather today was high 70’s, with 90% humidty with dark rain clouds. The morning started rainy and gloomy. I think the clouds deterred many runners from coming out. On my damp bike ride down to 5th street early this morning, I was one of few heading down to the run. As I approached I noticed the crowd of red Team Hoyt folks. Nothing can keep those guys away. A little rain never hurt anyone. Them and the surfers were determined to give those kids a good time. Right before the 8:00 start time, the rain stopped. What a blessing. With less runners than normal, it was an easy start to get out ahead. The quick 5k out and back along the boardwalk rewarded us by allowing the wind to push us on the way back. I didn’t time myself on this run. Just settled in at a tempo speed pacing off a friend in front of me who I knew was faster. I finished with a 27:12 chip time, with an 8:46 pace.  Sub 9’s for me these days is WINNING! I will take that 🙂

After the run, I headed down near the water to watch the event I came to see. There were professional surfers in from all over the US. California, North Carolina, Hawaii, and New York. The pros would take the children into the water and actually surf them into the shore on their boards. They began the event with the Hawaiian Surfer’s prayer. This prayer is meant to keep surfers safe in the water and it offers a message of hope and strength for the children and the families. This prayer was well received as the red flags were up. The event went great. Smiles and tears from children and parents could be seen through the crowd 🙂

I am glad I chanced the clouds. It didn’t rain the entire morning, allowing Surfer’s Healing VB to have an awesome event.



Surfer's Healing 2013 1098062_10151853110452442_1849096913_n photo copy 2 photo copy 3 photo copy 4 photo copy 5 photo copy 6 photo copy 7 photo copy photo


Headphones + Armband or Belt

This post is dedicated to all you music buffs out there. I love running with my music, especially when I need that extra motivation. I remember how excited I was when I discovered the company AURIA at the Shamrock Expo 2 years ago. I wrote about these headphones once before. I want to tell you again why I love them so much. I was reminded Wednesday night as I completed a tempo run with some of my favorite music. I love the AURIA headphone capabilities. AURIA headphones are unique. They can do anything from pause, repeat, skip, and even volume control. All of these functionalities can be done from the convenient toggle switch on the cord. What this means for the runner is not stopping and starting on workouts. No reaching around the iPod or iPhone. You can start your workout with a preset playlist. If a song comes on that you don’t want to hear, you can bypass it. Or if it is an awesome power song, you can replay it again with a tap, tap, tap of the switch. In addition to the headphones, I want to know what you chose to carry your iPhone in. Do you prefer an arm band or belt? For running shorter distances, I have been rocking the AURIA armband. On my longer double digit runs I have been using the recently launched AURIA music belt. There is enough storage in the belt for all of my necessities. The belt isn’t bulky and it doesn’t ride up like other belts I have used before. There is a pouch for my phone and for my gels or jelly beans. I have a water bottle I bought from my local running store and it conveniently can hook onto the belt. There is also a place on the belt to hold your race number. I will be wearing the AURIA belt during the upcoming Rock n Roll 1/2 in Virginia Beach. Be sure to stop by and visit Dave with AURIA at the Rock n Roll Expo to stock up on your headphones and gear. Rock on with your music and the tell me do you prefer band or belt? Jess

JWF Nutritional Overhaul: Week 2, Results and Question’s Answered

Last Monday I began a complete JWFNS nutritional overhaul. I was done with feeling tired.  I have now completed my first week of the overhaul.  The plan was extremely easy for me to follow, because again, I stress to you it is NOT a diet. Remember ,my goals are to have ore energy, loose a few lbs before the Rock n Roll 1/2,  and feel better overall.

There have been a few major take a ways for me this week.

1. I have noticed I have more energy throughout the day. Eating several times throughout the day keeps my metabolism going. I am fueling my body with the right kind of food instead of a quick fix.

2. Being prepared with the right food in your house at the beginning is the key to success. Clear out the pantry and fridge of all junk/fake food. If it isn’t an option, you won’t have it. Stock up on fruits, veggies, and lean proteins.

3. Water, water everywhere. I have been drinking more water than ever before. Normally when I wake up, I have a large glass of water. Start the day out by hydrating and flushing all toxins that may have settled in the night. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

I have received several emails, texts, and questions regarding the JWFNS nutrition overhaul. Two questions have come up repeatedly.

#1. “Did you have to cut out wine?” Let me say, that while I enjoy wine from time to time…actually I love champagne, but until I have something big to celebrate (like a 1/2 marathon), that has been corked and stuck in the fridge until further notice. I asked JIm White about the caloric intake of wine just for you wine-o’s who keep asking 🙂 You may be shocked or disappointed to hear this.  According to Jim White wine is fine for 4-5 oz a day. He also states, if you don’t drink it now, then don’t start.  Alcohol is a huge dehydrator, slows down the fat burning process, destroys b vitamins and may stimulate the appetite.  It can take 31 minutes of walking and 13 minutes of jogging to burn one 4 oz glass. Let’s face it, how many of you are having a 4oz serving and is it worth it?

#2. “Are you eating?” “What are you eating?” If you know me at all, you know I like to eat, but that doesn’t mean I gorge myself like everyday is Thanksgiving. I have been using 2 different apps to help record my food and exercise. This takes the work out of it, the app records calories brought in and calories burned.  Check out Calorie Counter and My Fitness Pal to help you track.  To prove that I really am eating, I thought I would include a sample meal plan. These are not the only options on the plan, but an example of how do-able it is.


1 whole wheat english muffin
1 Tbsp almond butter
1 serving of fruit


String cheese, fruit, almonds, or yogurt


Turkey Sandwich with lettuce and tomato on Gluten Free bread or a salad with 3 oz of lean protein


String cheese, fruit, almonds, or yogurt


3 oz of lean protein, 1-2 cups of veggies, 1/2 cup of brown rice-couscous-squash

I allowed for extra calories on my cheat days and indulged on Saturday with 2 draft beers and a few bites of bar food appetizers.  Although, they both seem to have lost their luster and appeal. I am not sure either are worth it 🙂

7 days later I am 2 lbs lighter (121 down to 119) and have noticed a much flatter belly. More importantly, I feel better!!!  So there you have it, if you treat your body right, it will repay you 🙂


***Remember this plan was created by Jim White and tailored specifically for my nutritional needs based on weight, height, exercise level, lifestyle, and overall health goals. The best way for you to experience results would be to have a meal plan customized for you .

“The Fit Petite” not “The Fast Petite”-Running without a watch

People often ask me “How Fast Do you Run?” I think they forget the name of my blog is The Fit Petite, Not The Fast Petite. Sometimes I notice that individuals can become obsessed with the results on their watch when running. This isn’t always the most efficient way to spend a run.

During our Wednesday Night EVOFIT Run Club, we ran sans watches. For some of us this was a challenge. Before the 4.4 mile evening run in the summer heat, we were all asked to predict our finishing time. In other words, what would our pace be. Keep in mind, we all had different paces we were working off of. Some of us were doing race pace, some of us were doing tempo pace, some of us on a recovery run pace. When predicting your time, there was a lot to consider. I figured for me the 4.4 miles…with heat…already tired… not properly hydrated would take me about 44 minutes. I was working at a 10 minute mile pace, I have gotten to know my body over the years so I can “feel” how fast that is. Using the 10 minute pace as a benchmark, I can tell when I am pacing over or under this. I finished right at 44:52. Not too far off.

After we run, we usually hit Murphy’s for some cold, well deserved beverages. As we sat around the table comparing running notes, I noticed a couple people excited with the night’s performance. There were 2 main take aways I think we all walked away with.

1. Most of us are not aware of our natural running pace.

2. Several people turned out to be faster than they guessed they would be. This leads me to make this assumption. When running without your watch, you are faster then when you were running with your watch. Thus you were too focused on the clock and could have been holding back and not pushing enough. I thought this was extremely eye opening. This was a great way to get in touch with your true/natural running pace.

Try this on your next run and see where you end up. If you are running alone, start the watch and leave in your mailbox or car then stop it upon your return. I bet you amazed by the results.

Be watch free…


Stand Tall: Postural Analysis

VB Pilates Club, Postural Analysis, The Fit Petite

You know those moments that come around every now and then and they change your life and the way you view things completely? This was one of those moments for me in regards to my health and my body.

A couple of weeks ago I took off a few days from my “real job” to do some blog work, website development, and run around on some personal appointments. One of those appointments was a private session with Trichelle Moxley, owner of Pilates Fitness Club here in Virginia Beach. I have been attending Pilates session there 1-2 times per week. I mentioned a few weeks ago in a post about the results I was having and how Pilates was benefitting my running and overall fitness ( see post here ). I figured since the Pilates sessions were working so well,  I couldn’t wait to see what the Postural Assessment unveiled. I booked 90 minutes for the appointment. I wore yoga pants, a sports bra, and a t shirt to the appointment. This is important, because Trichelle needs access to all points of the body as she moves from head to toe. The postural assessment/analysis is focused on more than just your posture. I did not share any issues or concerns with my body prior to the analysis as I wanted it to be as unbiased as possible.

A postural analysis should be performed by a qualified practitioner. Trichelle’s list of credentials makes her highly qualified ( ***see credentials below). According to a medical dictionary, a postural analysis is an evaluation performed on a patient’s body/limbs to observe any physical abnormalities. I laid down on the bed level mat and she began her work.  Trichelle started at my head. She felt around under hair and neck. Trichelle noticed some tightness and tension from there to my shoulders. This made sense to me as I hold everything in that area. She did some release work on these tight areas. By applying pressure the muscles eased up and began to relax. She then moved down through the abdomen and hip area. This was the most Earth shattering part to me. She immediately noticed my tight hip flexor. When she brought it to my attention, I confessed that my hip flexor was my first ever running injury and seemed to be the root of all my other evils. She had me stand and face myself in the mirror. I could visibly see that one of my hips was an inch or two higher than the other, mind-blowing!!! I laid back down and she began to work her magic on the release work. Trichelle mentioned this may have been one of the highest hip flexors she had ever dealt with. After some deep intense pressure, the muscle began to relax. It was a sensation of “it hurts so good”. I could immediately tell the difference, it was like my body was so grateful. Trichelle then moved down through the legs and feet. She spent a little time their on some minor things and did some more release work. She educated me during the entire process as to what she was doing and why. We finished the appointment with her setting my posture at neutral spine against the wall in a standing position. I held it in place for a few moments so I would the remember feeling. This is how I would need to sit and stand from now on. I left the appointment feeling stretched and completely comfortable, almost as the same sensation after a good massage. Due to the heavy amount of  work Trichelle performed, there was a risk of feeling sick from the releasing of all the toxins, but I felt great.

I went back a couple days later for a thorough review of what had been accomplished. Trichelle provided me with tips and tools to do the release work at home. She also provided a detailed account from head to toe on paper of my customized results. This would come in handy for any massage therapists or chiropractors I may visit in the future.

The past two weeks I have been standing better, sitting at my desk better, running better and engaging all my muscles better. This is a MUST for anyone at any age. The information and take aways from this have been life changing. I was able to implement the changes right away. Don’t be in pain anymore, learn why your body functions the way it does and what you can do to combat it.

I highly recommend EVERYONE having a postural analysis performed on them. You will feel better and chances are, you will look better because you will carry yourself completely different.

Stand Tall


***BS Psychology with concentrated studies in Exercise Science . Virginia Tech
Certified Personal Trainer . NASM
Postural Assessment Continuing Education Units (over 100hours) . through Mark LaPonte, Medical Exercise Specialist
Certified Childbirth Educator . CEA San Diego
Certified Yoga Teacher . YogaWell with Kathy Lee Kappmeier
Certified Pilates Teacher . Pure Energy Health & Wellness with Christopher Moxley
Nutritional Studies for over 14 years . Dr. Cliff Oliver