Floatation Therapy: Dream Float Spa

Do you ever feel like you could just float away? Well you can at Dream Float Spa at Hilltop here in Virginia Beach. Read about an experience I had earlier this year regarding what is floatation therapy and what to expect.

Last week I incorporated floatation therapy into my training program. I am running and exercising more than ever these days. It is important for me to get maximum results from each workout. While the act of exercise itself can stimulate muscle growth, the real strengthening process happens 30-40 hours after the workout is completed. Adding in a float session during this time will help you achieve complete relaxation and accelerate the muscle regeneration process.

Some workouts can cause a build up of lactic acid. This can leave an athlete with feelings of cramps and pains. Floating will loosen the muscles and helps reduce this build up. On the days I am at rest,  the muscle recovery process is vital.  As mentioned earlier, floating promotes deep relaxation. This has been extremely beneficial for me as it is difficult for me to RELAX.  While in the floatation tank, you are forced to relax and let the mind go. Floating has helped me stay relaxed at home and sleep better at night. With a busy schedule, I am trying to fit in several different types of workouts throughout the week, it is necessary that I feel good and rested daily.

The time in the floatation tank is also a great time to practice visualization techniques. For example, if training for the Rock n Roll 1/2, visualize the finish line of the race. Imagine having to dig deep and push yourself through to the end. Visualize the crowd, the bands, the challenges you may face on race day. thinking about the race ahead of time, will help to ease your anxiety. You will feel more prepared, hence more relaxed about the event. The combination of having your mind and body in sync can be very powerful when completing these longer races.

Once you have booked a float session, be sure to arrive a few minutes early. Have your swimsuit or preferred floating attire with you as well as a bag to transport the wet suit home in.  Dream Float Spa provides towels in each room. Also, there is a fully stocked shower in each room for you to wash the salt off of. Dream Float Spa has a full vanity, hair dryer, and supplies if you need to go somewhere after your session. I prefer to float at the end of my day and go directly home to continue relaxing.

***I urge all of you Rock n Rollers to call this week to call and book two appointments. Book one for this upcoming week, and book another for your race recovery! Call Dream Float Spa today and ask about their Race Registration Special and receive $5 off your session***

Float on

Float On

Float On


Product Review: Heads Up Bands – A Summer Must Have

Last week I started packing for a long summer weekend getaway. Most of the weekend would be spent in my bikini lounging on a pier or the front of my family boat. Also included in the weekend plans would be a long run and a 5k. Several days sans blow dryer but messy, crazy, wild, beach hair instead. With the activities I had planned, I would need some low maintenance  hair products and accessories on hand, headbands!!!

Thanks to Heads Up Bands for sending me several options just in time for the active week ahead. This was the  perfect time to put these no slip, no headache claiming bands and hair ties through the ringer and see what they were made of. I put these bands through a true test of summer activity. One morning I began my day early with the Zig Zag and didn’t adjust it again at all. It fit tight, but comfortable. It held up to the salty river water while tubing, wake surfing, and swimming (even after a few wipeouts). Another day I rocked the Going Dotty Band and Neon Hair Tie during a hot and sweaty 5k. In line for the restroom before the race, I was getting compliments on the “cute headband”. But the true test would come during and after the run. With 86% humidity and temps climbing towards the 90’s, I was a hot mess soon into the 3.1 mile run. Upon completion of the race, I poured water over my head leaving myself a dripping mess. The band remained in place.

The funky patterned headbands and a stack of neon hair ties was a daily must have accessory for the bikini’s, sundresses, and workout gear I had packed!  I have tried similar bands before, but after sweat and water they began to warp and loose their shape. Heads Up Bands should be in every girls workout bag, beach bag, and cosmetic bag. With all the styles and colors to choose from, these fashionable and functional head bands can easily go from day to night and business to casual. The Heads Up Bands are true to their word. No slip and no headache! These bands are Fit Petite APPROVED!!!!

Keep Your Head Up



photo copy 4

photo copy 3



photo copy 5

Product Review: Lululemon Track Attack Short

There are several tell tale signs that summer is in full effect here in Virginia Beach. Tourists have taken over the boardwalk, training for the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon has begun, and the temperatures are steadily creeping up. The combination of the temps and the training make it necessary for me to switch out the running tights for a much cooler and looser option. Any of you runner girls know that trying to find a good pair of running shorts can be as stressful or as difficult as finding a great pair of jeans, or even the perfect swimsuit. I have run in Nike shorts for years and was apprehensive to sway from that.

During a custom fit session at Lululemon a couple weeks ago, I decided to give their running shorts a chance and atleast try them on. They have several styles, cuts, and lengths to chose from. Soon after slipping on the Track Attack Short, I was pleasantly surprised. The feature  I loved the most was the longer length. Most of my Lulu bottoms are a 4, but I went with a size 6 in the short. I like my shorts to be on the baggy fit side. The adjustable waistband keeps them from falling down. Other impressive features of the Track Attack Short are that they were designed with the idea of fitting an athletic leg. The fabric is lightweight and is designed to handle sweat. The Track Attack Short contains a small pocket on the side, big enough to hold your keys, chapstick, or gu packet.

photo copy 11

(Lounging in the Lulu Show Room wearing the Track Attack Short and the Swiftly Racerback)

I have been wearing these shorts every Saturday on my long run. I make sure that by the start of each weekend, these shorts have been washed and ready to go. Yesterday I ran for 8 miles and didn’t have to adjust the shorts once. No bunching, no chaffing, no rubbing. These black shorts seem to be miracle workers! After an 8 mile run, it is evident to me that these shorts can handle the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon just fine!

When stocking up on summer running gear, I urge you to grab the Track Attack Short. Don’t spend $$$$ on cheap knock-offs trying to make it work. A $54 price point is worth it for the Track Attack Short because you will get it right the first time.

Go Shorty….


photo copy 10

photo copy 12

(These shorts made it through an 8 mile training run and a trip to the Old Beach Farmer’s Market)

Lululemon, Fit Session for Rock n Roll Training Gear

When I decided to run the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon in September here in Virginia Beach, I knew it would take some training and a fair amount of preparations. From fundraising (donate here ) for Girls on the Run to scheduling my workouts as part of my weekly routine. Another major part of the preparations is to find the right training gear. When your body is moving, sweating, bouncing, pounding, and struggling through 2+ hours of running in the heat, you MUST have the right gear. For me the decision was clear that I needed to stock up on some Lulu product for my training runs and workouts.

After speaking with the manager of my local Lulu shop, I made an appointment for a fit session to find all the best options for my body and training needs. Over the next several weeks I you will see different reviews of the options I chose and how I am using them in my training.

I recommend a Lulu fit session for any fitness gal. The experts at Lululemon will make sure you are sized correctly. Also that you have the right amount of support in the attire from Pilates to a long run. I found some different tops appropriate for each. Schedule an hour to find the best products for your needs, shape, and size.

Here are a few photos last weeks session. Follow the blog for more information on when and how I wore these looks.

photo copy 5

photo copy 3

photo copy 2

photo copy 7

Happy Fitting


Lululemon Energy Bra

September 1 will be here before I know it. I spent the past week researching training supplies and products. Today I acquired probably the most important item in the list. The sports bra!!!! Girls, you know what I mean. This thing has to be able to go the distance…lol. It has to withstand 13.1 miles, heat, sweat, and straight abuse. So I decided to start my search for the best bra and my favorite workout apparel spot…Lululemon.

After visiting with the store manager for a few minutes, I told her what I was looking for. She immediately pointed me to the rack of Sports Bras. I browsed around for a few minutes. There were several color options: neons, white, black, patterned. There were also several strap options to chose from, thick, criss-crossed, snap back, and skinny. Flashing back to last year’s Rock n Roll 1/2 , I remember I immediately tossed my shirt due to the heat and humidity. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to look for something that could stand up to running 2+ hours with a sports bra only. Support would be key!!! No cleavage views here.

I headed to the fitting room carrying 2 color options of the Energy Bra. As I entered the fitting room, the manager approved of my chose and knew I would love it. She was absolutely correct. The size was perfect. A size 4 was the perfect fit for this Runner Girl. Comfortable, sturdy straps, and cute!!! I settled on the tan and white version. Light colors for the summer sun.

Mission Complete!!! Go see the gals at Lulu and tell them The Fit Petite sent you!






Spring Trends I’m Loving Right Now

It’s the time of year to start revealing more skin! Wardrobes and beauty routines may need a slight makeover or Spring update.

Here are a few things I can’t seem to get enough of right now.


A bright coral necklace like this one from the Spring/Summer Stella & Dot collection is the perfect statement piece for the season. Dress up any outfit from a t-shirt to your business suit. (View the Palamino Necklace)
A great compliment to tan skin is a coral lip color. Try out the PIXI Lip Blush in Energy, available at Target.


A new metallic bag carry all to take you from day to night. I’ve been carrying this around everyday to and from the office with iPad, wallet, sunglasses, and newspaper. (View the La Totale Medium in Metallic Ikat)
Metallic wedges good for work or play as well. I’ve worn them twice this week already. Available at Payless.

Faux/Glow Skin

It’s not quite time to be laying out soaking up the rays. So until you are able to bust out the bikini, get a faux tan with this amazing product by Sally Hansen. Great to easily apply when you want to wear a skirt or dress last minute!
I came across this product on a Walmart run. Olay has this nifty facial scrubber. Great to exfoliate all the dead, bad, winter skin. Get your glow on!

What are your favorite seasonal picks?

Get your Spring On

Dream Float Spa Review

After a long weekend of the Shamrock, a bachelorette party, and plenty of Yuengling and Champagne, I needed time to regroup and relax.

I made an appointment for the newly opened Dream Float Spa in Virginia Beach. I had heard some good reviews from some friends so I thought I would give it a try. On the Dream Float Spa website it reads they offer the ultimate relaxation experience. This sounded promising.

My session was scheduled after work for an hour. On this particular day the weather was wet and dreary, so the thought of lounging in a warm soothing bath sounded amazing.

I entered the room and immediately had thoughts of Space Travel or something out of this world.

After looking into the bath and hearing the peaceful music the water was inviting.


After a quick pre-soak shower I was ready to get in. Swimsuits optional and I opted for mine. Now it was time to lay back and do nothing. I climbed in and noticed instantly the high salt content in the bath. 1,000 lbs per tub!!! I was thankful I followed the instructions under the Before Float tab online. No shaving! With all the salt, you’ll be glad you waited. I used the head pillow and started to find a comfortable spot. After a few moments I couldn’t tell what part of my body was in the water or not. It was a true sensation of floating, almost weightless. It was an interesting feeling. I took a quick glance and noticed how my body was truly floating on top of the water. I risked it, but snagged a few pics.



After a few minutes adjusting to the feeling I closed the bath almost all the way and begin to tune out the world. I opted for music only for the first 10 minutes. This was plenty because I ended up falling asleep shortly into the float. I awoke 40 minutes later. I already felt refreshed. My skin, muscles, hair and nails looked ad felt better instantly. My initial feeling of this being out of this world was right! I felt great.

The fun filled weekend was gone. I was relaxed and ready to go home and crawl into bed. I slept like a baby that night and for the next few. I noticed blemishes on my face and a few little cuts and scraps on my hands were practically gone. Just like swimming in the ocean, this was such a high concentration of salt that seemed to heal you instantly!

After a race, crazy weekend, or trip I suggest you book a float today!

I will definitely go back again.

Float On

Waiting for New Shoes

Out of stock…everywhere!

Thank you Kelly’s Running Warehouse, you had my shoes available as you usually do. I found this site over the summer when ordering my Rock n Roll training shoes. They ship quickly (usually free) and the website is very user friendly.

I had to settle on the same color as I have now, but I am not running in them for their color anyway 🙂 I run in them for their stability and cushion.


This is my fourth pair of the exact same style and color Asics after running in Nike for years. I ran in Nikes all through high-school. But as I learned, our running habits and feet change. A few years ago I went for a running analysis and discovered that I am an over pronator.

( source Runners World)

According to the Sports Injury Clinic, over pronation can lead to several injuries. Some injuries could be plantar fasciitis and tendonitis, both of which I suffer from.

Due to that I require shoes with sufficient cushion. My feet have become so sensitive that i can feel wen it is time to replace my shoes well before any visible signs of the shoe itself. Generally the rule is to replace shoes between every 300-500 miles. The Asics 2170 have been great.



Hopefully the shoes will continue to help me achieve more of these!

The shoes arrived on Friday just in time for running this weekend!

What are your favorite shoes for training ?

Happy Running

Must Haves for Workout Hair

Do you have trouble keeping your hair out of your face, especially when working out ? I definitely do. It seems like I have tried everything. Everytime I go to a race expo, it seems as if I’m suckered into the next best thing.

I have a large collection of headbands.

Bondi Band

Sweaty Bands

Cotton Headbands available at Target

Expo Purchase, Worn During the Shamrock 2012 1/2 marathon

Headband from Medical Pre Tape, made by my friend’s niece

A roll of the medical pre tape can be bought at Five Below in multiple colors for $5
This by far was the most creative. Also, it seemed to not damage or pull my hair.

Tiny claws for my baby hairs work pretty well too.

Recently I received my September Birchbox. There was a wonderful new hair accessory… The Twistband!

I used it immediately during a run. Loving it! I love the grey color I received in my Birchbox. Grey is chic enough to be used during the day for business attire.
My hair stayed up and pulled just tight enough for an attractive ponytail. This is in the running for a favorite thing!

You know I love fun workout accessories. A wonderful workout accessory and one of my favorite things is the Go Girl Bands . These bands don’t slip. They also are very stylish! They come in many varieties. Skinny, wide, and there are even bands for little ones. These could be a great edition to your daily wardrobe, working out or not!

Get yours today!
Go Girl Bands





(***disclosure, the beautiful model in the Go Girl Bands Ad is my cousin-she makes them!)

Happy Hair Styling