“The Fit Petite” not “The Fast Petite”-Running without a watch

People often ask me “How Fast Do you Run?” I think they forget the name of my blog is The Fit Petite, Not The Fast Petite. Sometimes I notice that individuals can become obsessed with the results on their watch when running. This isn’t always the most efficient way to spend a run.

During our Wednesday Night EVOFIT Run Club, we ran sans watches. For some of us this was a challenge. Before the 4.4 mile evening run in the summer heat, we were all asked to predict our finishing time. In other words, what would our pace be. Keep in mind, we all had different paces we were working off of. Some of us were doing race pace, some of us were doing tempo pace, some of us on a recovery run pace. When predicting your time, there was a lot to consider. I figured for me the 4.4 miles…with heat…already tired… not properly hydrated would take me about 44 minutes. I was working at a 10 minute mile pace, I have gotten to know my body over the years so I can “feel” how fast that is. Using the 10 minute pace as a benchmark, I can tell when I am pacing over or under this. I finished right at 44:52. Not too far off.

After we run, we usually hit Murphy’s for some cold, well deserved beverages. As we sat around the table comparing running notes, I noticed a couple people excited with the night’s performance. There were 2 main take aways I think we all walked away with.

1. Most of us are not aware of our natural running pace.

2. Several people turned out to be faster than they guessed they would be. This leads me to make this assumption. When running without your watch, you are faster then when you were running with your watch. Thus you were too focused on the clock and could have been holding back and not pushing enough. I thought this was extremely eye opening. This was a great way to get in touch with your true/natural running pace.

Try this on your next run and see where you end up. If you are running alone, start the watch and leave in your mailbox or car then stop it upon your return. I bet you amazed by the results.

Be watch free…


Proper Summer Running Attire: Marathon Makeover

This summer I have filled my calendar with a fair share of local races as well as my  regular weekly workouts.  So far this season, I have noticed some major wardrobe no-no’s for summer running. I have been at the point of almost “pulling someone over” on the trail to suggest a marathon makeover. This type of makeover would have little to nothing to do with fashion. You have read on here several times regarding my love of a certain exercise apparel line (Lululemon).  I am aware that not everyone can afford the line or would even want to. I am referring to the type of clothing you are wearing to get your run on. There are a few key tips that I think could make all the difference in your experience and training.

Shorts/Skirts Please leave the running tights packed away in the drawer until further notice. It is much too hot to wear full gear like this. Nike, Adidas, Lulu, as well as Target and Walmart offer attractive athletic styles and attractive price points for every budget. when you are shopping, make sure you try the shorts on and do some simple sample running and moving in the dressing run. Check for bunching between the legs. This could become extremely problematic later when that material is mixed with sweat. A running skirt can be a great substitute for shorts. Most skirts have built in compression shorts underneath. Skirts can be flattering and comfortable for hot summer days.

Top/Tanks Whether you choose to go tank, sleeveless, or short sleeves, when searching for running tops, keep this in mind. The most important thing, is to pick something made from a moisture wicking material. Cotton can be the WORST option in a hot and humid summer race. Cotton does not allow the skin to get air. Sweat is trapped and the top becomes heavy and uncomfortable, leading to frustration and less than desirable experince. This shirt is now wet and is added weight to you during the run. Race promoters are even wising up these days. Your race swag bag use to include a cotton race day t, now the promoters are offering a dry-fit or cool max option instead.

Socks Same goes for socks. Keep with the moisture wicking them. Stay away from cotton socks. Cotton=Blisters

Visor/Shades You will feel much more comfortable with the sun out of your face and eyes. You may not need both but at least one is highly recommended.

I hope these tips are helpful. Not only will you feel better, you will be look better sporting some fantastic new apparel. After all it is always important to look your best 🙂

Now that your marathon makeover is complete, I hope to see you on the boardwalk or trail soon in your proper summer running attire!

Stay Cool VB


***when reading labels look for these buzz words***



Dri- FIT (Nike)

Moisture Wicking

Luon, Rulu, or Luxtreme (Lululemon)

Why I Became A Solemate


I grew up in a home that fostered a love for physical activity. I remember my Dad getting up early every morning to run and exercise before he went to work. He was a high-school and collegiate track and football athlete and still runs regularly to this day. When I was a little girl I remember taking trips with my Dad to visit his college track buddies. We would visit his college and even have races between the kids and the parents on the very track he ran on. His group of teammates are still close today. The competition and camaraderie they share has always stood out in my mind.

When I was old enough, I started running in the mornings with my dad. I believe my love for running is somewhat genetic. I also think that by watching my Dad run over the years, it was ingrained somehow in me to think that this is how I was supposed to start my day.

In middle school I joined the track team. I developed my own sense of camaraderie from the other teammates throughout the years. The memories of running track are among the best memories I have of my youth. The relationships I made were unforgettable.

This love of running I have has empowered me over the years. It has brought me through some tough times and has also provided me with some amazing opportunities. The confidence and feeling of accomplishment I have attained from the sport has proven to be an essential part of my life.

I have a hope for all young girls to find faith, confidence, and belief in themselves.  I want these young girls to believe they can tackle any goals. By running and forming a bond with others this can be possible for them.



By fundraising for Girls on the Run, I hope to help these young girls have the same opportunity. Donate to my page here.

Find Your Soulmate


Product Review: Lululemon Track Attack Short

There are several tell tale signs that summer is in full effect here in Virginia Beach. Tourists have taken over the boardwalk, training for the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon has begun, and the temperatures are steadily creeping up. The combination of the temps and the training make it necessary for me to switch out the running tights for a much cooler and looser option. Any of you runner girls know that trying to find a good pair of running shorts can be as stressful or as difficult as finding a great pair of jeans, or even the perfect swimsuit. I have run in Nike shorts for years and was apprehensive to sway from that.

During a custom fit session at Lululemon a couple weeks ago, I decided to give their running shorts a chance and atleast try them on. They have several styles, cuts, and lengths to chose from. Soon after slipping on the Track Attack Short, I was pleasantly surprised. The feature  I loved the most was the longer length. Most of my Lulu bottoms are a 4, but I went with a size 6 in the short. I like my shorts to be on the baggy fit side. The adjustable waistband keeps them from falling down. Other impressive features of the Track Attack Short are that they were designed with the idea of fitting an athletic leg. The fabric is lightweight and is designed to handle sweat. The Track Attack Short contains a small pocket on the side, big enough to hold your keys, chapstick, or gu packet.

photo copy 11

(Lounging in the Lulu Show Room wearing the Track Attack Short and the Swiftly Racerback)

I have been wearing these shorts every Saturday on my long run. I make sure that by the start of each weekend, these shorts have been washed and ready to go. Yesterday I ran for 8 miles and didn’t have to adjust the shorts once. No bunching, no chaffing, no rubbing. These black shorts seem to be miracle workers! After an 8 mile run, it is evident to me that these shorts can handle the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon just fine!

When stocking up on summer running gear, I urge you to grab the Track Attack Short. Don’t spend $$$$ on cheap knock-offs trying to make it work. A $54 price point is worth it for the Track Attack Short because you will get it right the first time.

Go Shorty….


photo copy 10

photo copy 12

(These shorts made it through an 8 mile training run and a trip to the Old Beach Farmer’s Market)

Tuesday Tune, The Great Gatsby, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

This Tuesday I post this song pick to you on the cusp of a new adventure.

I began reading The Great Gatsby last night. It was obvious to me I could have thrived just fine in this era on the brim of all things wonderful and luxurious. Always striving for the best. And that is exactly how I plan to spend my summer.

As the summer always proves to be a hot time for movies, we start the season off with The Great Gatsby and a hot soundtrack to match. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody hits hard with the sound of Fergie, Q-Tip, and GoonRock.

The first lyric out of Fergie’s mouth starts with “I ain’t got time for you baby…either you’re mine or you’re not” This may be the soundtrack of MY summer. I am moving forward with things that are right, and leaving the rest in the dust. No time for anything else. Especially not for me as this summer just took a serious shove into Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon training. The title of this song suits the summer as well. Make sure to make time for a little fun, a little crazy, and of course a little party!!!

Enjoy the Party



Push Through

As I drink my coffee and watch the TODAY show this Sunday morning, I am inspired by quotes from Boston Red Sox hitter Big Papi and Team Hoyt founder Dick Hoyt.

Father and son duo Rick and Dick Hoyt, including this year, have run in 31 Boston marathons. This would have been their last Boston Marathon. In light of the tragedy they have already set their sites on Boston 2014. “We all will be that much stronger,” said father Dick. His message was to be strong and stay strong.

I reflect this morning on my Boston Memorial run from yesterday. Thank you Kirk Kellerhals and team for spreading the word of this run via Facebook. At 2:50 Saturday afternoon I estimate over 200 runners were at the boardwalk eagerly waiting to run the 4.09 miles.

The support for Boston was evident.



After a moment of silence, prayer, and song we readied ourselves to begin.

As I made my way down the boardwalk as I have done hundreds of times before, I began to feel the emotion stir up inside me. Spectators and passers by cheered us on. They cheered for us as runners. They cheered for America. They cheered for Boston. And they cheered for victims Martin, Lu, Krystle, and Officer Collier. As I hit the turn around mark I was greeted with a high five. I made my under the America Flag tent held by several runners.


At this moment I felt the tears start to creep up. I was urged to pick up speed. Not in a desire to race, but being grateful that I can run and WILL run.

I started thinking about these cowardly men who plotted against two of the toughest groups of people on Earth. First Americans and second runners. The mentally tough and the physically fit and ready for a challenge. As I ran towards the 4.09 mark, people lined up to cheer and celebrate our accomplishment. Just as Watertown did when the coward was escorted out of their town. No one cheers for cowards. No one claps for them. No one assists them with water, and posters, and awards. Runners receive all of those things. Runners and especially marathoners are really the ones who know how to fight. Fight through the pain and push through to the end. Just as we as a country and a community will push through to seek justice.

After completing the run I immediately noticed a gentleman wearing the 2013 Boston race shirt. He also was wearing his race medal. I struck up conversation with him and he so kindly offered to let me wear the medal. As honored as I was by his offer, I declined since I did not earn it. I did capture this picture.

A wonderful way to remember and inspire.

Push Through


Shamrock 8k Playlist

Ok, you guys always ask for this so here is the latest playlist for ya!

They say you can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist. Well, here’s a look into my soul. My latest set is all over the board with Rap, Funk, Pop, and Country.

This songs should get you through the 8k distance and then some. Pull from the tunes you like and add in your own faves to individualize the list.

All I Do Is Win/feat T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop

Country Girl/Luke Bryan

Suntan City/Luke Bryan

Catch My Breathe/Kelly Clarkson

Blackout/Breathe Carolina

Troublemaker/Olly Murs feat Flo Rida

You Say You’re Just A Friend/Austin Mohone feat Flo Rida

Tornado/Little Big Town

How Country Feels/Randy Houser

If I didn’t Have You/Thompson Square

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark/Fall Out Boy

Don’t Stop The Party/Pitbull

We Come Running/Youngblood Hawke

Pirate Flag/Kenny Chesney

Up Up & Away/Kid Cudi





Music is easy to pick, now if I could just figure out what to wear?


ShamROCK on