I think that’s Jimmy Buffett

Last weekend on an impromptu outing with some friends at my neighborhood watering hole, little did I know I I was in for a huge surprise. While enjoying some cold beverages at the inside table of Wharfside, it was obvious there was some major commotion occurring outside on the deck. We quickly realized that the one and only Jimmy Buffett was playing right there on the deck!!! He was in town for a concert the next night at Farm Bureau Live and was giving us a once in a lifetime preview. We were all in shock!!! Here are some of the pics and videos I captured as he serenaded us with Margaritaville. I have always been a fan of the song, but now it holds it’s very own memory inside my heart.

Wastin away again…


***Here is a write up on the private concert from last week’s HamptonRoads.com

Refuel: Got Chocolate Milk?

Last summer I wrote a blog about popular post race beverages.  Coconut water, beer, chocolate milk, Gatorade, aloe juice, and water are all popular choices. There seems to be a lot of opinions and discussion around what option is best.

Chocolate milk has been proven to help restore muscles quickly. Refueling your body with chocolate milk does wonders because of the science behind it. Chocolate milk contains the perfect ratio of carbohydrates to protein. Chocolate milk contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, phosphorus, potassium, electrolytes, and fluids to rehydrate. All of these properties are essential for running and training, especially for longer distances like the Rock n Roll 1/2.  As I get closer to the Rock n Roll 1/2, I am more in tune than ever with nutrition and post run recovery. Chocolate milk is becoming a regular part of my training and recovery process.

How do you Refuel?


English: A glass of chocolate milk.

English: A glass of chocolate milk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paleo for Athletes: Some Facts and My opinion

Last week I attended a book club discussion with Dai Roberts and the Final Kick crew on the book, The Paleo Diet For Athletes by Loren Cordian and Joe Friel.  As It turns out, I was one of 3 people who actually bought the book, read the book, and brought it to the book club. The discussion was centered more around the concept than the book itself.

First a little background  Paleo…

The Paleo Diet is often referred to as the cavemen diet. These nickname implies that one can eat anything and everything that was available to a caveman. Mostly the diet is made up of meats and vegetables. It does exclude grains, nuts, legumes, dairy, potatoes. Also it obviously excludes refined salts, sugars, and processed oils. The idea of the Paleo Diet For Athletes takes this concept a step further. Elite or endurance athletes need more nutrition than a sedentary individual. Their exercise schedule and training often mandates that they eat before, after, and even during some workouts. The body has more nutritional and dietary needs. The idea of Paleo for Athletes allows for some latitude on the “non optimal” food.

The Group…

The book club group was mostly populated by endurance athletes such as runners, cyclists, and triathletes. One individual at my table was even in training for an Olympic Triatholon. While we had a lot of discussion of the type of diet to consume, most of use were in agreement on two things. One was that endurance athletes needed more nutritional intake than the Paleo Diet allowed for. And two, no one was willing to forgo alcohol. There was an individual who seemed to be in opposition of the rest of the group. This individual spent a lot of time doing CrossFit workouts (the topic of CrossFit is another blog for another day).


A average (non elite) marathon time for a man is 3 hours and 30 minutes. A typical Crossfit workout can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes. The nutritional needs before, after, and even during each of these respectable workouts are COMPLETELY different. It seems to me that this would be extremely obvious. But this was the point that seemed to ensue serious debate amongst the group.

For example, as I prepare for my Saturday morning long runs in the park, I do some nutritional planning. Before the run I may consume berries and peanut butter. Halfway through the run I may consume a gel, gu, or block of choice.  After the run allows for more time to sit down and have a full meal that would include protein, carbs, probably some dairy, and even some refined sugar or salt. Peanut butter, gel, and some of the breakfast items would be considered to be non Paleo or non optimal foods, but for an athlete would be necessary.

Now imagine an endurance athlete who is in training for a full marathon or an Ironman. The time spent on planning workouts is probably equal to the amount of time spent on meal planning.


After reading the book, attending the discussion, and struggling with my own nutritional challenges lately, I have a very strong opinion on the matter. I believe that training and diet are extremely personal and individual choices. If you want to train for a time, you should. If you want to train without a watch and train to accomplish for the goal of completing the race you should. If you want to be a vegetarian for moral, ethical, or dietary reasons you should. If you want to eat fast food all the time, I don’t think you should but I think it is your right to do so. Just as the Adkins Diet was popular in the late 90’s, the Paleo Diet seems to be the trend of this era.

Please weigh in on this controversial topic. Have you tried Paleo? What were the results?

Eat on!!!



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Tuesday Track: Capital Cities

This week I am featuring Capital Cities with their track Safe and Sound.  I love the security the song offers of being safe and sound. The song is a message of hope and positivity. There is an offering of love, safety, and security. The lyrics would suggest a slower beat, but the speed is perfect for a running mix.

I love the trumpets!!!


(photo courtesy to Capital Cities)

Check out the video here!

Be Safe and Sound


Tuesday Track

This Tuesday, our tracks pay tribute to our wonderful country, America. Living here in Virginia Beach, I am often reminded of the sacrifices our military makes for us. I can hear jets flying overhead now as I type this entry. Seal team six trains miles down the street and I am bookended by military bases on both ends of the beach.

These songs make me feel patriotic. They remind me of everything good in this country.

American Ride – Toby Keith

My Town – Montgomery Gentry

American Pie – Don McLean

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding

Celebrate Good Times – Kool and The Gang

American Boy – Estelle featuring Kanye West

American Girl – Tom Petty

Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John

Fortunate Son – CCR

What songs make you feel patriotic? What songs make you feel grateful for your freedom?

Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday…God Bless The USA


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Runner Girl Pick Up Lines

As we head into the weekend, I can’t help but think of the bar crowd and everything that comes with that. In a recent conversation with a friend, I was commiserating over some recent bar talk I had overheard and thought how fun it would be to test out some new pick up lines. I am definitely not one to get picked up at a bar, but if someone was clever enough to say any of the following to me, you would at least get a laugh.

1. How about you and I get together and do some speed?

2. Hey Baby…I am kind of a big deal, I RUN this town!

3. Your pace or mine?

4. That isn’t a banana in my pocket…

5. What are your thoughts on you, me, some gu, and a trail in the woods

6. What is your preferred method of reaching maximum heart rate?

7. Personally I am pro body-glide

8. Do you like it fast or slow?

9. Love at first sight…or should I run by again?

10. Is there room in your corral for one more?

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xoxo, Original Material