“The Fit Petite” not “The Fast Petite”-Running without a watch

People often ask me “How Fast Do you Run?” I think they forget the name of my blog is The Fit Petite, Not The Fast Petite. Sometimes I notice that individuals can become obsessed with the results on their watch when running. This isn’t always the most efficient way to spend a run.

During our Wednesday Night EVOFIT Run Club, we ran sans watches. For some of us this was a challenge. Before the 4.4 mile evening run in the summer heat, we were all asked to predict our finishing time. In other words, what would our pace be. Keep in mind, we all had different paces we were working off of. Some of us were doing race pace, some of us were doing tempo pace, some of us on a recovery run pace. When predicting your time, there was a lot to consider. I figured for me the 4.4 miles…with heat…already tired… not properly hydrated would take me about 44 minutes. I was working at a 10 minute mile pace, I have gotten to know my body over the years so I can “feel” how fast that is. Using the 10 minute pace as a benchmark, I can tell when I am pacing over or under this. I finished right at 44:52. Not too far off.

After we run, we usually hit Murphy’s for some cold, well deserved beverages. As we sat around the table comparing running notes, I noticed a couple people excited with the night’s performance. There were 2 main take aways I think we all walked away with.

1. Most of us are not aware of our natural running pace.

2. Several people turned out to be faster than they guessed they would be. This leads me to make this assumption. When running without your watch, you are faster then when you were running with your watch. Thus you were too focused on the clock and could have been holding back and not pushing enough. I thought this was extremely eye opening. This was a great way to get in touch with your true/natural running pace.

Try this on your next run and see where you end up. If you are running alone, start the watch and leave in your mailbox or car then stop it upon your return. I bet you amazed by the results.

Be watch free…


The Fit Petite Lives in The Fittest City in America

This week Facebook announced their pick for the fittest cities in America. It is no surprise to me that my own city, Virginia beach was on the tip top of the list! I have often written about how I continue to fall in love with this city. Now my two loves, Virginia Beach and fitness, have come together on one list.

This isn’t the first time Virginia Beach has been found on such a list. Earlier this year, Virginia Beach was named 18th on the top 50 fittest cities list from USA Today. In 2011 we ranked 9th out of the Shape Top 10 Fittest Cities list. In 2009 we were named #10 in Men’s Fitness Fittest Cities list. With a wonderful climate and coastline it makes sense that Virginia Beach would be hold 1st place.

Facebook 2013 10 fittest cities list:

1. Virginia Beach, Virginia
2. Colorado Springs, Colorado
3. Austin, Texas
4. San Antonio, Texas
5. Livingston, New Jersey
6. Portland, Oregon
7. El Paso, Texas
8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9. Tacoma, Washington
10. Albuquerque, New Mexico


(photo credit Facebook)

Here are some of my favorite FIT moments from around the city over the past couple years here in Virginia Beach.

photophoto20130610-163719.jpg20130502-081322.jpg20130319-191328.jpgimage4.jpg20130213-193730.jpg20130213-193338.jpg20121231-124106.jpg20121231-124100.jpg20121209-170330.jpgbreastcancer2011photo copy 2

If you don’t live here already, you should!

Come join us for fun and fitness in Virginia Beach.


A Week of Jim White Fitness Boot Camp

Recently I attended the Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards presented by Inside Business. Virginia Beach’s very own, Jim White, was presented with this amazing award. Jim was 1 of 9 individuals recognized last month by leading the charge of Entrepreneurial Excellence in Hampton Roads.

Google Jim White and take notice of what comes up in the search results. Gym owner, personal trainer, writer, public speaker, registered dietician and an award list a mile long. Jim White is a brand and an entity. This review isn’t about Jim White, but it is about his boot camp. I would be missing the mark completely if I failed to mention the accomplishments of Jim White as a person. If it wasn’t for him, the boot camp wouldn’t be possible.

Last Monday I started my week with a very early wake-up call of 4:45 am. It was just enough time for a small bite, a cup a coffee, and for me to get my butt down to the boardwalk for a 5:30 am Jim White Fitness Boot Camp class. With the sun coming up, I was greeted with a warm welcome from Jim’s wife Krista White as well as members of the JWF Team. The trainer for Monday was Charlie and ACE certified intern Blake. I started my week with a group of boot campers who had been going hard all month. It was the last week of their month long program and they were trying to get those last few workouts in before a weigh in at the end of the week. We began the hour long class with a few laps around the Dairy Queen and some calisthenic exercises, how appropriate 🙂 The class passed quickly. With the beautiful view of the sunrise over the ocean, you quickly forget you are exercising. The class was filled with squats, lunges, light free weights, and some mat work. A brief stretch at the end and everyone set off to start their day. I left the class thinking that it was a bit easy (remember this, because soon I eat my words). Being a runner, I have a lot of endurance so I figured that was the reason I wasn’t tired. What I failed to factor in was the use of muscles that had been sedentary for months. Running and Pilates have been my workout routine lately. Both are outstanding workouts but are a completely different type of fitness.





Tuesday morning I awoke at my usual 6:00 am time. Since this was a non boot camp day, I had all hopes of getting in a quick run before work. I was sorely mistaken, LITERALLY. I could barely walk. Instead of a run, I settled for a bike ride on the boardwalk. That boot camp was no joke!!! It did what it was supposed to do. It kicked my butt!!!

Wednesday, back at the boot camp. This time we were lead by JWF General Manager Chris Baggett and we took it to the sand. Today we were treated to band work, pushups, partner exercises, and an obstacle course. This workout didn’t skimp on the calorie burn, or on the sand I took home from head to toe 🙂

Thursday I was grateful for my scheduled Pilates class to get out a well deserved stretch.

Friday was a rest day for me.

Saturday I was back at it with my final JWF boot camp of the week. The class was held at the Virginia Beach Lululemon store. The Saturday morning class was instructed by non other than owner Jim White himself along with general manager Chris Baggett. The class was held in the spacious parking lot of Lululemon and included adults, kids, and the staff of Lulu. The class was great. Some highlights of the day included: one legged burpee’s, one armed push ups, and some balancing exercises.



My review of Jim White Fitness Boot Camp is this…well worth the time you would spend. An average boot camp class can burn anywhere from 400-600 calories depending on intensity. Classes can be modified based on fitness level and ability. If you are looking to get serious about your health, this would be a great place to start.

JWF Boot Camp offers both a morning and evening session. Also they feature two off site locations; the oceanfront and Mount Trashmore. With the small groups, the personalized attention and motivation you receive would be enough to push you to your individual fitness goals. This class is no joke, prepare to get your butt kicked. Prepare to sweat. Prepare to get sandy. Prepare to feel the burn. Prepare to get results. Prepare to have fun 🙂

Check out the full list of services offered at JWF online or at either the Hilltop or Great Neck Studio. From nutrition, personal training, or boot camp there is something for everyone and every price point.

It’s not to late to get bikini body ready with boot camp!

Happy sweating 🙂


Lululemon, Fit Session for Rock n Roll Training Gear

When I decided to run the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon in September here in Virginia Beach, I knew it would take some training and a fair amount of preparations. From fundraising (donate here ) for Girls on the Run to scheduling my workouts as part of my weekly routine. Another major part of the preparations is to find the right training gear. When your body is moving, sweating, bouncing, pounding, and struggling through 2+ hours of running in the heat, you MUST have the right gear. For me the decision was clear that I needed to stock up on some Lulu product for my training runs and workouts.

After speaking with the manager of my local Lulu shop, I made an appointment for a fit session to find all the best options for my body and training needs. Over the next several weeks I you will see different reviews of the options I chose and how I am using them in my training.

I recommend a Lulu fit session for any fitness gal. The experts at Lululemon will make sure you are sized correctly. Also that you have the right amount of support in the attire from Pilates to a long run. I found some different tops appropriate for each. Schedule an hour to find the best products for your needs, shape, and size.

Here are a few photos last weeks session. Follow the blog for more information on when and how I wore these looks.

photo copy 5

photo copy 3

photo copy 2

photo copy 7

Happy Fitting


Kick Off Summer, Beach Body Ready?!?!

toneit rideon summertime-beach-fun


Well, Memorial Day Weekend is here and  this is the time when we bust out our boats, bikes, and bikinis and take over the beach and boardwalk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront . After weeks of clouds and rain, I think I am more ready for this weekend than ever before.

As the summer gets hot and the temperature climbs up, our clothes and layers come off.  It’s time to show off that skin you spent all winter preparing for …The countless spin classes, WODs, and runs should be paying off right?

No mater if you feel ready for the “less is more” theory in terms of a summer wardrobe, be confident in your figure! Forget the last few lbs you may have “failed” to loose. Focus on the fact that you are active and healthy and HAPPY!!!! A confident women carrying some curves is way more attractive than a stickly gal with a complex. So work those curves, embrace the summer and when all else fails…if you can’t Tone it, TAN it!!!!

See ya on the beach




Promote Virginia Beach

In light of recent events in Virginia Beach, I feel inclined to take a bit of a stand here. I attended the Virginia Beach Town Hall meeting on Wednesday May 1. The majority of the discussion was based on social media and how it was used to spread the word of a beach party weekend here in Virginia Beach to a less than stellar crowd. If social media can have such an impact of attracting this undesirable crowd and promoting this disastrous event, lets use it in our favor.

I challenge all of you who live, work, or just love Virginia Beach to start promoting the city with your own means. Use your Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails! We as citizens can eliminate the cloud over this city by an isolated incident and put focus on what a great place Virginia Beach is most of the time.

While I do feel more can be done to control crowds and disorderly behavior, my responsibility as a citizen is to promote and help attract a more respectful group of tourists.








Tidal Wheel Part 1

Last week I was finally able to get in and take my first class at Tidal Wheel, the new spin studio in Virginia Beach. I had been dying to get in there and now that Shamrock training was over, I have the time. I reserved one of the evening classes first thing Tuesday morning online, super easy. It was a good thing I did that, because before lunch the class was full with reservations. When booking your class online, there was even the option to reserve a specific bike. Next time I will be doing that. The spot I randomly reserved was right in the front next to the instructor.

Incase there was any doubt, I quickly learned Tidal Wheel is no joke! Before class, people were chatting about attending Tidal Wheel everyday and how much they loved it. I had heard great reviews about this particular instructor, Mike, as well. I found out after the class, that he may be the toughest instructor on staff!!!

At Tidal Wheel, you wear spin shoes that snap into the bike. So once you’re in, YOU ARE IN!!! No escape!!! There is even a sign on the wall “No leaving early, No cheating”. Either one seemed impossible.

The rider to my right was kind enough to help me adjust my bike and help me get snapped in. I grabbed a water for the front desk and there was a towel already on the bike, both of which I used the entire class. Once the class began the lights went down and we were spinning by low candlelight! Awesome!!!! The spinning began with loud music fromEve blasting from the speakers!!! Loved it. I was instantly reminded that this was another level of fitness I was not use to and I that this class would be a challenge.

My good friend was in the same class on a bike across from me. We kept making eye contact at each other during the class, especially during the tough parts. For example at the climbs or when the instructor repeatedly decided to adjust some of our bikes for more tension (not good for sitting in the front) Ahhhh!!! I kept telling myself that my butt would be thankful.

The class went on quickly and I was soaked. I love a workout like that. The music ranged from Busta Rhymes to Salt N Pepper to The Donnas with their single “Take It Off.” This song was appropriate as I was thinking about taking off those last few lbs! This class definitely helped with that.

The class ended with a nice stretch session. I was tired enough. Satisfied, fulfilled, and pleased with the workout. Tough enough to be tired, but also left me wanting to come back for more.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to get your rear into Tidal Wheel and get your spin on. This is a great way to step up your game as summer approaches. If you’ve hit the plateau, add this into the mix. I hope to make this a weekly routine for the next month, even Mike’s class! Prepare to sweat and burn nonstop during your class. Stay tuned for my next Tidal Wheel experience.

Spin On