Dream Float Spa Review

After a long weekend of the Shamrock, a bachelorette party, and plenty of Yuengling and Champagne, I needed time to regroup and relax.

I made an appointment for the newly opened Dream Float Spa in Virginia Beach. I had heard some good reviews from some friends so I thought I would give it a try. On the Dream Float Spa website it reads they offer the ultimate relaxation experience. This sounded promising.

My session was scheduled after work for an hour. On this particular day the weather was wet and dreary, so the thought of lounging in a warm soothing bath sounded amazing.

I entered the room and immediately had thoughts of Space Travel or something out of this world.

After looking into the bath and hearing the peaceful music the water was inviting.


After a quick pre-soak shower I was ready to get in. Swimsuits optional and I opted for mine. Now it was time to lay back and do nothing. I climbed in and noticed instantly the high salt content in the bath. 1,000 lbs per tub!!! I was thankful I followed the instructions under the Before Float tab online. No shaving! With all the salt, you’ll be glad you waited. I used the head pillow and started to find a comfortable spot. After a few moments I couldn’t tell what part of my body was in the water or not. It was a true sensation of floating, almost weightless. It was an interesting feeling. I took a quick glance and noticed how my body was truly floating on top of the water. I risked it, but snagged a few pics.



After a few minutes adjusting to the feeling I closed the bath almost all the way and begin to tune out the world. I opted for music only for the first 10 minutes. This was plenty because I ended up falling asleep shortly into the float. I awoke 40 minutes later. I already felt refreshed. My skin, muscles, hair and nails looked ad felt better instantly. My initial feeling of this being out of this world was right! I felt great.

The fun filled weekend was gone. I was relaxed and ready to go home and crawl into bed. I slept like a baby that night and for the next few. I noticed blemishes on my face and a few little cuts and scraps on my hands were practically gone. Just like swimming in the ocean, this was such a high concentration of salt that seemed to heal you instantly!

After a race, crazy weekend, or trip I suggest you book a float today!

I will definitely go back again.

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