The Fit Petite Lives in The Fittest City in America

This week Facebook announced their pick for the fittest cities in America. It is no surprise to me that my own city, Virginia beach was on the tip top of the list! I have often written about how I continue to fall in love with this city. Now my two loves, Virginia Beach and fitness, have come together on one list.

This isn’t the first time Virginia Beach has been found on such a list. Earlier this year, Virginia Beach was named 18th on the top 50 fittest cities list from USA Today. In 2011 we ranked 9th out of the Shape Top 10 Fittest Cities list. In 2009 we were named #10 in Men’s Fitness Fittest Cities list. With a wonderful climate and coastline it makes sense that Virginia Beach would be hold 1st place.

Facebook 2013 10 fittest cities list:

1. Virginia Beach, Virginia
2. Colorado Springs, Colorado
3. Austin, Texas
4. San Antonio, Texas
5. Livingston, New Jersey
6. Portland, Oregon
7. El Paso, Texas
8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9. Tacoma, Washington
10. Albuquerque, New Mexico


(photo credit Facebook)

Here are some of my favorite FIT moments from around the city over the past couple years here in Virginia Beach.

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If you don’t live here already, you should!

Come join us for fun and fitness in Virginia Beach.